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The debates around growth and value investing in the finance world tend to center around capital gains and dividend payouts, with both sides scrambling to outline how one may be better than the other over the short and long term. It is no secret that growth stocks have outperformed the value offerings in the past few years, evidenced by the presence of five tech giants on the top of the benchmark S&P 500 Index. However, as inflation fears rise on the back of virus uncertainty and supply chain problems, value stocks are making a comeback.

This might not be a very big problem for growth investors who have grown comfortable with their portfolios. In fact, for many who are looking for the best of the both worlds, there are more than a few growth stocks on the market that pay a healthy dividend. Some of the growth stocks with decent dividend yields according to hedge funds include Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT ), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ), and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC ), among others discussed in detail below.

Our Methodology

We chose growth stocks that also pay dividends. These stocks are useful for investors looking to buy stocks for total returns (dividends + stock price appreciation). Yields of the following stocks are not that high, but their dividends combined with stock price appreciation would provide a perfect combination to make profits for long-term investors.

The hedge fund sentiment around each stock was calculated using the data of 873 hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey.

Why pay attention to hedge fund holdings? Insider Monkey’s research was able to identify in advance a select group of hedge fund holdings that outperformed the S&P 500 ETFs by more than 86 percentage points since March 2017. Between March 2017 and July 2021 our monthly newsletter’s stock picks returned 186.1%, vs. 100.1% for the SPY. Our stock picks outperformed the market by more than 86 percentage points ( see the details here ). That’s why we believe hedge fund sentiment is an extremely useful indicator that investors should pay attention to. You can subscribe to our free newsletter on our homepage to receive our stories in your inbox. Growth Stocks with Decent Dividend Yields

10. BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BWXT )

Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 20

Forward Dividend Yield: 1.54%

BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:BWXT) operates in the nuclear industry, a fast-growing sector in the context of clean energy debates. It makes and sells nuclear components like advanced nuclear reactors and also provides tooling delivery systems. In August, the firm announced that it had secured a contract worth CA$40 million to supply four state-of-the-art heat exchangers to Bruce Power. The company will begin fabrication work on the exchangers later this year.

Truist analyst Michael Ciarmoli has a Buy rating on BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:BWXT) stock with a price target of $70. The analyst believes the firm has a “predictable” business model in the defense industry poised to benefit from increased spending in the coming months.

Among the hedge funds being tracked by Insider Monkey, Wisconsin-based investment firm Cardinal Capital is a leading shareholder in BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:BWXT) with 1.7 million shares worth more than $99 million.

Just like Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:BWXT) is one of the stocks on the radar of elite investors.

In its Q3 2021 investor letter, Upslope Capital Management, an asset management firm, highlighted a few stocks and BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BWXT ) was one of them. Here is what the fund said: “BWX Technologies designs and produces nuclear reactors, components and fuel, primarily for the U.S. Government and Navy (and, more recently, NASA). The company is the sole supplier for its Naval products (~75% of sales), which are used for the power and propulsion of all of the Navy’s aircraft carriers and submarines. With nuclear subs (aka “boomers”) forming the backbone of the “Sea” leg of the Nuclear Triad, BWX plays a vital and sensitive role supporting the national security of the United States. Of course, BWX is exceptionally well-positioned should the saber-rattling vis-à-vis China continue. The recent Aukus security pact, which may eventually benefit BWX, illustrates the urgent and strategic importance of maintaining a modern nuclear-powered sub fleet. Even if relations with China stabilize […]

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