Summary I think ETH is probably the surest winner in the crypto world for the metaverse. I’d expect the market to slow grind lower for the next month or two and then there’s a rally into year-end. I always suggest getting started with a small position in a great company like this right away but leaving yourself some room to add more. Looking for a portfolio of ideas like this one? Members of Trading With Cody get exclusive access to our model portfolio. Learn More » 4kodiak/iStock Unreleased via Getty Images Here’s the transcript from this week’s Trading With Cody Live Q&A chat. Q. Did I miss the video where you talk about Bitcoin and cryptos with the CEO of Immersed? There wasn’t an attachment or link in my email. A Here’s the link: Explanations of Bitcoin Q. The metaverse is a great investment theme. Have you looked into any crypto focusing on the metaverse? If so, what are you looking into? A. I think ETH is probably the surest winner in the crypto world for the metaverse. According to a US News article I just pulled up about the metaverse: “These seven names are the top metaverse stocks to invest in: Facebook Inc. ( FB ) Microsoft Corp. ( MSFT ) Unity Software Inc. ( U ) Roblox Corp. ( RBLX ) Inc. ( AMZN ) The Walt Disney Co. ( DIS ) Nvidia Corp. ( NVDA ).” Aren’t you glad I got you into ETH back in 2018 at $500 (Read: “Trade Alert: Building out my basket of cryptocurrencies” ), along with FB at $25, AMZN at $500 or something, and NVDA back at $8, long before the US News was writing about the best ways to invest in the metaverse. Do you have other metaverse-centric cryptos you think I should check out? Please share, if so. Thank you! Q. Crypto’s with a metaverse focus I know are MANA, SAND and ENJ. I’m sure there are others. A. Thanks Rahul, we’ll take a look. Q. Hey Cody. Two names come to mind for your new coin venture- “Crapto” Coin and “Black Hole” Coin A. Haha, I love ’em both, except the Black Hole Coin is supposed to be a positive thing! Q. My vote would be for an anti-crypto. A. Yes, but how?! LOL. Q. Create a space coin that would allow us to own a percentage of SpaceX. A. Unfortunately, that would be a security then. Q. I like the crypto ideas Cody. It sounds like a conversation with Naval might be in order. On a different note, does anyone know how to identify locations where Amazon is building fulfillment centers that will employ 1,000 or more people? I have some ideas for housing investment. A. Thanks. Can you set up a talk with me and Naval? I don’t know about how to find the Amazon fulfillment center question, but I get where you’re going with the idea. As long as you’re early enough when […]


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