How to Make Money with 3D Printing in 2022

How to Make Money with 3D Printing in 2022

Above: The build size of the 3D printer will determine the size of the print/Source: Manufactur3D Did you know that to make money with 3D printing in 2022 you don’t need to pursue it full-time, instead it can also be a side hustle while you pursue other earning opportunities.

In one of our previous articles, we discussed the various 3D printing business opportunities you can pursue. However, these were full-time businesses, and the level of expertise, investment, time, and effort required for those ideas was prohibitively high.

We understand that not everyone wants to run a full-time 3D printing business, and you may be looking for side hustle opportunities. Side hustles are ideal for students, stay-at-home moms, working professionals, and even small businesses looking to add a new revenue stream.

So, in this article, we focus solely on side hustle ideas for making money with 3D printing.

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Can you really make money with 3D printing?

The straightforward answer is Yes! You can undoubtedly make money with 3D printing in 2022.

How much money you ask? Well, that will depend on your level of knowledge and expertise in technology, as well as how much time you devote to this side hustle.

You can check out our list of some popular and some yet-to-be-popular ideas to make money and decide which one suits your routine. Guide on how to make money with 3D printing in 2022

Sell Educational Models to Schools

Above: 3D printed educational models/Source: ZMorph One of the best ways to make money with 3D printing in 2022 is to sell educational models to schools. It is now widely accepted that 3D printing is an excellent learning tool that is widely used in STEM education. But not all schools have the funds to purchase 3D printers, or have trained educators who can teach 3D printing to students.

Instead of selling them 3D printers, which already most business are pursuing, you can persuade them to purchase educational models. All schools use standard medical or science models to teach students, and these are mostly outdated and even loosely mended together to keep from breaking. So, replacing their existing models and more interestingly, offering them new and unique 3D printed models to enhance the students’ understanding of concepts, ideas and topics, is significantly interesting to schools.

You will have to develop conceptual models and either design them yourself or get. Them designed and 3D printed. Once you have the sample models, you just need to go on a selling spree.

You can create 3D printed models of all human body bones, conceptual models to explain science, math, geography, history, and literally any subject that can be explained substantially well with models. Focus on developing products that not only help students but can also reduce the effort of educators to teach those concepts. 3D Printer Reviewer

You can become a 3D printer reviewer if you are an expert in handling and using a 3D printer. You can contact manufacturers to obtain a 3D printer and write an exciting review of the 3D printer. This review can be posted on third-party blogs or even on your own YouTube channel. You can earn money from the manufacturer who wants his product reviewed by a third party or from the blog that will publish your content. This is one of the most straightforward ways to make money with 3D printing in 2022. 3D Printing YouTube Channel

This idea is closely related to the previous one about reviewing 3D printers. In addition to 3D printers, you can also review materials and software suites. No doubt a YouTube channel will require a considerable time to monetise, but as this is a side hustle, you won’t mind. All you have to do is post one video per 7 to 10 days. You may take a year to generate ad revenue but this idea certainly has a great long-term potential. Invest in 3D Printing Stocks

Above: 3D printing stock trends/Source: Motley Fool If you are a stock trader, you should look into 3D printing stocks. The market is undoubtedly young, but if you enjoy taking risks, you can certainly take a look at the stocks. Many companies have gone public in recent years, and if you want to take a chance, consider this option.

(Please keep in mind that this is not investment advice, and readers should make their own decisions about whether or not to invest. We are not responsible for any investment […]

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  1. If you want to earn from 3D printers then you have many opportunities to make money. There are many industries like manufacturing, Architecture, Medical, Engineering, Food, and Education that can use 3D printers to improve their efficiency and productivity. A 3D printer or Three Dimensional printers is a device that can create a physical object from a digital design. This printer converts your imagination into reality. In a 3D printer, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is complete. You can create anything with the help of these printers. Just imagine it, design it and print it.

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