Microsoft: Time To Buy The Big Dog

Microsoft: Time To Buy The Big Dog

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As we noted in our recent article on Oracle’s Q3 earnings – which you can read here – we believe that the major indices have bottomed and we think we are in the early stages of a recovery. Nay, better. We think we are amidst a move to all time index highs – which we think can be achieved within twelve months.

So having spent the last few months battling the screen, selling our value names as they rose up, recycling the capital back into growth names as they fell, and harvesting some spare cash along the way, now what?

101 is what.

Time to buy Microsoft.

Now, we already own some of MSFT of course, but the risk/reward on offer right now is we believe very compelling and in consequence we have been building up our allocations in staff personal accounts and expect to continue to do so.

There’s likely not much we can tell you about Microsoft’s business – it’s all written a thousand times per week all over the internet and every other kind of media, so we shan’t try to recant it all here. But what we can do is point out just how strong the company’s numbers are, and then highlight the stock chart opportunity in the context of that fundamental strength.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. First, revenue down to net debt. Microsoft Financial Table I (Company SEC filings,, Cestrian Analysis) Same EBITDA margins and similar cashflow margins to value-software names like ORCL, but growing revenue at 21% on a TTM basis vs. 5% for the database king. Plus Microsoft has $79bn of net cash on its balance sheet whereas Oracle has $55bn of net debt.

Now let’s take a look at deferred revenue and remaining performance obligation (RPO). MSFT Deferred Revenue & RPO (Company SEC filings,, Cestrian Analysis) Microsoft’s contract book – the RPO balance – amounts to more than four-fifths’ worth of TTM recognized revenue, and is growing at a shade under 30% pa., vs recognized revenue growth of 21% on a TTM basis. All other things being equal that bodes well for a modest acceleration in TTM recognized revenue growth.

And that bodes well for the valuation multiples at which the stock can trade. Multiples today aren’t cheap – 21x cashflow is hardly value territory although we note that Raytheon ( RTX ) trades at a bigger cashflow multiple in exchange for no growth, as does L3Harris ( LHX ) (both stocks are among the value names we sold recently). But these multiples can rise if the market does recover and if Microsoft growth accelerates. And as you know, multiple expansion is the easiest source of free money going. Microsoft Valuation Multiples (Company SEC filings,, Cestrian Analysis) If this wasn’t a software company but just a walled citadel somewhere in Washington State, we would say that here we have one of the most successful small republics on the planet. The People’s Republic of Microsoft. $79bn of Uncle Sam’s finest in the bank. Growing GDP at 21% per annum. Current account surplus, every year, of 41%. Where do we apply for citizenship?

But this much you know already.

The catalyst for us to now be adding to our staff account holdings is the stock chart. (You can open a full page version, here .) MSFT Chart (TradingView, Cestrian Analysis) We […]

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