Oxford Income Letter Review (Marc Lichtenfeld Oxford Club) Era of Valorem?

Oxford Income Letter Review (Marc Lichtenfeld Oxford Club) Era of Valorem?

Notice anything different about traditional tech stocks? According to retirement expert Marc Lichtenfeld, they have been “massively bloated from years of government stimulus.” In other words, the fast-paced plummeting of prices merely scratches the surface. Look at Tesla, Zillow, and even Peloton, all stocks that were once fathomed, only continuing to collapse. At this point, you would think that the market is going to burst, but Mark avows that there’s a “new, unexpected group of stocks […] taking over,” and “very few people are prepared for this shift.”

Before discussing the shift described above, Marc explained why things will worsen for the tech space. Specifically, he believes that the government will slowly cut back on stimulus with rising inflation. So, what? Stocks are still overvalued right now, and Marc is convinced the current market is the “most expensive stock market in HISTORY” after the dot-com bubble. Fortunately, the intelligent thing to do is to review undervalued assets, where the “Era of Valorem” comes into effect.

The Era of Valorem (or value) is a movement trusted to change how everyone perceives stocks. So far, stocks including NLOK (i.e., a software company), PRU (i.e., insurance company), and UNM (i.e., financial services provider) are part of this movement. What do they have in common? They were all undervalued and have proven to be some of the best performers time and time again. These types of stocks flourish with inflation.

For those of you wondering where Marc is headed with all this, he claims to have uncovered three Valorem stocks with the potential to soar anywhere between 200% and 500% within the following year. Specifically, he relied on the price-to-free cash flow ratio (P/FCF) to find these stocks because it: It cannot be manipulated

It is beneficial when it is low (preferably below 10)

It is usually cheap to get into

Pinpoints value stocks that pay a healthy, rising dividend

Do you want in on the action? If the answer is yes, the first step is to become a member of The Oxford Income Letter . What is The Oxford Income Letter?

The Oxford Income Letter is a financial advisory intended to unveil Marc’s stock dividend, and stock picks using his proprietary 10-11-12 system. As per the expert, members get access to a full suite of easy-to-follow resources for building “an income engine that spits out money like clockwork.” He is equally passionate about safe wealth-building tactics and the biotech sector, emphasizing value stocks.

Interestingly, this service offers not one but four different model portfolios, where each one has been specially designed for a unique retirement goal. How does each one differ? The Instant Income Portfolio is for investors looking for cash through dividends. The Compound Income Portfolio is for those who want to watch their stocks grow patiently. As hinted in its title, the Retirement Catch-Up Portfolio includes high-yield dividend stocks to catch up on retirement savings. Lastly, the Fixed Income Portfolio includes corporate bonds and other fixed-income plays for safe money. What does a membership to The Oxford Income Letter entail?

By signing up today, Marc will release the following special reports: Special Report #1. How to Get Rich in the Era of Valorem

Remember the three stocks Marc recently discovered? Details on all three have been covered in this special report. The first company provides financial products for retirees, while the remaining two operate in the energy and biotech sectors. The expert promises to include his complete analysis and thorough “BUY NOW” instructions. Why consider these stocks? Each one is cheap, has great value, and likely generates rising income. Special Report #2. 5 Growth Stocks to Avoid in 2022

Growth stocks are underperforming, and now is probably the best time to ditch them before they fall any further. Recall that as inflation rises, growth stocks tend to plummet. This is where the second special report comes in handy. All five stocks need reading over because they have P/FCF ratios of -21 (bleeding cash), 37, 47, 100, and 214. Special Report #3. 101 Ways to Grow & Protect Your Retirement Savings

The 101 Ways to Grow & Protect Your Retirement Savings e-book is filled with tips and tricks such as the world’s safest income strategy to employ, an unusual side gig that could pay you for watching favorite TV shows, and how to get prescriptions at up to 98.9% off among others.

Other incentives include: 12 months of Marc’s Oxford Income Letter newsletter coupled with at-length analyses

Dividend Riches: Marc Lichtenfeld’s Income Investing Video Series


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