Time To Be Greedy On These 6 Fast-Growing Dividend Aristocrats

Time To Be Greedy On These 6 Fast-Growing Dividend Aristocrats


The market continues to be roiled by worries about Russia’s invasion, soaring oil prices, raging inflation, and rising interest rates.

This correction might feel scary and painful, but it’s 100% normal, healthy, and expected.

Corrections like this let you be “greedy when others are fearful” on the world’s best companies.

Today LOW, CSL, LECO, PPG, VFC, and PM represent six of the best fast-growing aristocrats you can safely buy while the market is terrified.

They are 19% undervalued, yield an Ultra Safe 2.6%, and analysts expect 14.4% long-term growth and potentially 17% annual returns for years and decades to come.

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DNY59/iStock via Getty Images The correction of 2022 is frustrating the 25 million new investors who joined since the Pandemic, and who incorrectly believed that all corrections are short, shallow, and V-shaped. Ycharts The market’s wall of worry has gotten a lot scarier in recent weeks thanks to the highest inflation in 40 years

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

soaring commodity prices (highest oil prices in 14 years)

short-term forecasts for higher commodity prices (oil as high as $200 per barrel)

the Fed’s plans to tighten monetary policy at one of the fastest rates in history

But if it’s any consolation, diversified investors are having a MUCH better time than those who YOLOed (you only live once) into pure growth stocks. Charlie Bilello Some of the pandemic’s hottest names are down 70%, 80%, even 97%.

In fact, nearly 50% of the Nasdaq composite (about 3,700 companies) is down 50% or more.

If you were wondering when the tech crash was coming, it actually started in February 2021, when speculative SPACs, meme stocks, and red hot non-profitable growth names peaked.

But there is an upside to every correction, and that’s the world’s highest quality companies go on sale.

As counterintuitive as it might seem, when the bears run rampage down Wall Street, that’s the safest time to put your hard-earned savings to work. Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die on euphoria.” – John Templeton Today I wanted to highlight six fast-growing aristocrats and explain why you might want to start buying them today, before the market bottoms and the inevitable correction recovery begins. Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” – Warren Buffett CNN CNN Right now investor sentiment is very fearful and by some measures (such as the AAII survey) more pessimistic than during the darkest days of the pandemic crash.

In other words, potentially a great time greedy on some of the world’s highest quality fast-growing dividend blue-chips. How To Find The Best Dividend Aristocrats In All Market Conditions

DK Dividend Kings has 12 specialty watchlists tailored for every kind of investor. Each watchlist is powered by the DK Master List.The DK 500 Master List includes the world’s highest quality companies including: All dividend champions All dividend aristocrats All dividend kings All global aristocrats (such as BTI, ENB, and NVS) All 13/13 Ultra Swans (as close to perfect quality as exists on Wall Street) 47 of the world’s best growth stocks (on its way to 100). For finding the best aristocrats, I recommend the dividend champions list. every company (including foreign ones and small caps) with 25+ year dividend growth streaks. Dividend Champions Sorted By Highest Consensus Long-Term Return Potential (Dividend Kings Research Terminal) green = potentially good buy or better blue = potentially reasonable buy yellow = hold red = potential trim/sell Here I’ve sorted by the highest long-term consensus total return potential. yield + long-term consensus growth And that’s how we can find these six amazing fast-growing dividend aristocrats, to take advantage of one of the best long-term market opportunities in two years. Time To Be Greedy On These 6 Fast-Growing Dividend Aristocrats Company Ticker Sector Country (Source: Dividend Kings Research Terminal) Here we have six US companies in three sectors.Why these six aristocrats in particular? Quality You Can Trust In Any Market Company Quality Rating (out Of 13) Quality Score (Out Of 100) Dividend/Balance Sheet Safety Rating (out of 5) Safety Score (Out Of 100) Dependability Rating (Out Of 5) Dependability Score (out Of 100) Lowe’s 13 92% 5 94% 5 89% Carlisle Companies 13 96% 5 95% 5 98% Lincoln Electric 13 86% 5 89% 5 81% V.F. Corp. 13 90% 5 90% 5 93% […]

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