Top Stocks To Buy Now? 4 E-Commerce Stocks To Watch

Top Stocks To Buy Now? 4 E-Commerce Stocks To Watch

4 Trending E-Commerce Stocks To Note Amid The BBBY Stock & KR Stock Partnership News

E-commerce stocks remain some of the most enticing investments for investors in the stock market today as more people shop online. And don’t be surprised if those tailwinds could even persist long when the pandemic is over. After all, the global pandemic has forced many people to utilize e-commerce platforms to purchase essential goods. Capitalizing on this trend right now is Bed Bath & Beyond ( NASDAQ: BBBY ). It is partnering with Kroger ( NYSE: KR ) to start selling some of its baby and home merchandises both in Kroger stores and online at

Among other news that BBBY announced was the launch of a digital marketplace for merchandise from third-party producers. In addition, the company said it expects to complete its $1 billion share repurchase plan by the end of fiscal 2021- two years ahead of schedule. The massive repurchase program underscores the firm’s confidence in its turnaround, according to CEO Mark Tritton.

By 2024, eMarketer expects the e-commerce market to reach nearly $6.4 trillion, which is remarkable considering we’re talking about a shift of trillions in consumer spending. Chances are, this trend is unlikely to reverse. With such a growth runway ahead, companies in this space could offer substantial returns that might tempt many investors. Now, if you are optimistic about the future of e-commerce, here’s a list of four top e-commerce stocks to watch in the stock market right now. Best E-Commerce Stocks To Watch Right Now

Etsy Inc. ( NASDAQ: ETSY )

Shopify Inc. ( NYSE: SHOP )

Sea Ltd. ( NYSE: SE ) Inc. ( NASDAQ: JD )


Etsy is an online market place focusing on handcrafted goods. Through its digital marketplace, consumers have access to a vast selection of handmade and vintage items alongside craft supplies. There’s no question that the company has made a name for itself during the pandemic, as its sellers became a key supplier of face masks and other necessities. This adaptability showcased the value in its marketplace for handcrafted goods.

Admittedly, Etsy’s top-line growth had slowed dramatically recently, primarily due to tough year-over-year comparisons. And many believe Etsy is going to face another tough comparison when it reports its third-quarter results after the stock market closes today.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the company now owns Depop and Elo7 following the acquisitions earlier this year. For starters, Depop is a community-based apparel marketplace that mostly caters to Gen Z. This would suggest that Etsy is actively looking to expand its wares and offerings to new markets. Meanwhile, Etsy’s purchase of Elo7 marked a significant expansion into the growing Brazilian e-commerce market. Considering all these, will you be buying ETSY stock ahead of its earnings today? Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

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Shopify has been riding the e-commerce wave better than most of its industry peers since its public debut in 2015. Since its initial public offering, Shopify stock has surged a whopping 5,000%, making it one of the best growth stocks to buy in the stock market today . More importantly, Shopify is positioning itself as the go-to option for merchants looking to build an online storefront. As online shopping has become more popular, merchants have flocked to its platform, helping the company to grow quickly.

From the company’s third fiscal quarter earnings, total revenue came in 46% higher year-over-year to $1.12 billion. Additionally, it also posted a total gross merchandise volume of $400 billion.

According to Shopify, this is thanks to steady growth in its subscription solutions and merchant solutions. Namely, both divisions posted year-over-year revenue hikes of 37% and 51% respectively. Regarding its outlook for the fourth quarter, Shopify believes that it will “contribute the largest share” of its full-year revenue. Given the company’s current momentum, could SHOP stock be worth investing in for you? Source: TD Ameritrade TOS Sea

Sea is another name to be reckoned with when it comes to picking the best e-commerce stocks to buy. For those unfamiliar, the company operates three core businesses across digital payments/financial services, digital entertainment, and e-commerce. Many investors may be familiar with Shopee, Sea’s fast growing e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. And Shopee has now been moving beyond Asia. But many didn’t know it was Garena, its gaming business, that paved the way for Sea to expand into what it is today.

Its Free Fire game is extremely popular globally, and the company has leveraged that edge to get its foot in […]

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