Where to Buy Fantom Crypto – Beginner’s Guide

Where to Buy Fantom Crypto – Beginner’s Guide

Since the development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, many other blockchains have risen to adoption, each trying to be better and more efficient. One of the most successful is Fantom.

The Fantom blockchain attracted many users due to its faster and more secure network. It aims to solve the shortcomings of scalability and transactions costs on popular networks such as BTC and ETH. The Fantom project also supports smart contracts – programs set up to auto-execute decentralized applications.

Fantom’s native token, FTM, went on an over 200x bull run in 2021 from $0.016 in January to $3.48 by October. It has corrected and retraced some of that move in 2022, presenting an opportunity to buy the dip for the next bull cycle. In this guide we’ll review where to buy Fantom’s crypto token FTM. How to Buy Fantom – Quick Guide

It’s possible to buy Fantom in the US on eToro, alongside Europe, the UK, Australia and most of the world. As well as being beginner friendly it’s a safe and regulated crypto platform. Follow these steps: ✅ Step 1: Create an account on eToro – Visit the official eToro website , and create a free account. Tou’ll be asked to input your details and upload the necessary documents required for KYC.

� Step 2: Deposit – You’ll need to add funds to your crypto account to buy crypto coins, in this case buy FTM. On eToro, users can get started with as little as $10.

� Step 3: Search for Fantom – A search in the top navigation box will bring up the Fantom crypto investment page, click on that.

� Step 4: Buy Fantom – You’ll see the Fantom news feed and price chart – click ‘Trade’. Enter how much you want to invest in Fantom and click ‘Open Trade’ to confirm the transaction.

Where to Buy FTM – Best Platforms

Due to its popularity and over 20,000% bull cycle in 2021 the Fantom crypto asset is in high demand and listed on many crypto exchanges. We list four of the best platform to buy Fantom below: 1. eToro: Best Platform to Buy Fantom

eToro is one of the oldest asset trading platforms, founded in 2007 before cryptocurrency existed. It still supports stocks, forex and commodies alongside 60+ crypto coins. The platform has over 27 million users worldwide and continues to grow every day.

eToro is a perfect place to buy Fantom in the USA as it’s open to the United States, and internationally. The UI is straightforward, so if you are a beginner, you have nothing to worry about when navigating through the website.

The platform also has zero deposit charges for USD and some of the lowest transaction fees in the market. It accepts various payment methods such as debit/credit Card, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer, and more. The minimum deposit is $10.

You can find some unique features that aren’t available on most other platforms, such as copy trading and staking on eToro as well. The platform is also highly regulated by the FCA, ASIC and CySEC making it a secure platform for your Fantom purchase.

It also offers copy portfolio features, including one focused on DeFi coins which Fantom is, their DeFi Portfolio . It’s way to diversify your portfolio into a range of decentralized finance assets.

Fantom put in one of the strongest bounces after the May 2022 crypto dip , suggesting it may have found a bottom and be ready to start a new bull cycle. eToro listed Fantom in March 2022.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 2. Bitstamp: Regulated Platform to Buy Fantom in US

Bitstamp is the 11th most used crypto exchange by volume, with over 4 million users in total in the United States and globally. It also has an advanced platform for day trading.

The Bitstamp platform offers around 45 cryptocurrencies including Fantom, with many popular altcoins set to be added in 2022. Bitstamp is known as one of the easiest ways to buy cryptocurrency with fiat – it accepts multiple payment methods such as bank account, debit card and credit card payments, and international wire transfers.

Bitstamp is one of the most trustworthy platforms, as it was founded in 2011 and has managed to last over a decade. Bitstamp listed Fantom in January 2022.Bitstamp displays the best altcoins to buy each day in terms of their percentage gain or loss, and which are the most viewed cryptos. It also categorizes them simply into DeFi coins , NFT coins, and […]

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