weekend reading ,Crypto fans need to prepare for stricter rules from U.S. regulators, because they’re coming soon . In China, Beijing’s campaign against the funny money is now targeting miners who tried to disguise themselves as data researchers.

Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio, while noting that “cash is trash,” predicted that if crypto is really successful, governments will try to kill it. Then there’s the tale of a 24-year-old self-proclaimed math whiz who got seven and a half years in prison for a crypto Ponzi scheme.

And some advice, if you really need it, from Bloomberg Opinion’s Matt Levine on weekend reading : Don’t spend your litecoins at Walmart. What you’ll want to read this weekend It was a week of unfavorable news on the vaccine front. The efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 shot diminishes over time, a point echoed by Moderna about its own vaccine.

In another weekend reading news ,in Italy, all workers will need a valid Covid passport as the government moves to set the toughest vaccination requirements in Europe. U.S. propane prices jumped to the highest since 2014 and blackouts are a possibility in the U.K. High energy prices are here for the foreseeable future, according to Chevron.

And the corporate victims are beginning to pile up . Climate change is wreaking more havoc than expected and efforts to slow it down just aren’t aggressive enough, according to the United Nations. All over the world, people are finding it hard to cope with a growing sense that governments and businesses won’t do enough to address global warming.

Firefighters operate at the site of a wildfire last month near Avila, in central Spain. CFA versus MBA . Which is better for a career in finance ? Bloomberg Businessweek analyzes which schools are best and, for the first time, looks at who has the most diverse MBA programs in the latest Best B-Schools ranking.

Fossils are the latest hot asset class, but if hunting in the dirt for a T. Rex isn’t your thing, stepping into the tomb of one of the pharaohs may be less frustrating. But beware, it could already be too late to book holiday travel. What you’ll need to know next week The UN General Assembly meets , with climate high on the agenda.

The Fed sets monetary policy, and the inflation debate is simmering . The Bank of England looks set to raise interest rates. Canadians vote on whether to give Justin Trudeau another try. Europe and the America’s top golfers compete in the Ryder Cup.

What you’ll want to read in Businessweek The pandemic has thrown the vital but usually humdrum world of logistics into a tailspin, spurring shortages of everything from vaccine vials to bicycles. The system underpinning globalization—production on one side of the planet, connected to consumers on the other by trucks, ships, planes, cranes, and forklifts—is too rigid to absorb the rolling tremors triggered by Covid-19 . A freight train from […]

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