How To Make A Success Of Working From Home In 2023

How To Make A Success Of Working From Home In 2023

Editorial Note: Forbes Advisor may earn a commission on sales made from partner links on this page, but that doesn’t affect our editors’ opinions or evaluations. We offer information about investing and saving, but we do not offer any personal advice or recommendations. If you aren’t sure whether investing is right for you, or which investments are right for you, please consult an authorised financial adviser. Working from home working used to be a rarity, with millions of workers commuting five days a week into the office. But that changed when the pandemic struck, and home-working is now the norm for the staff of many businesses, at least on two or three days a week.

Here’s how to set yourself up for success if you’re a permanent remote worker. Make sure your broadband is up to the job

Video calls, document downloads, always-on Spotify, and even a dose of Netflix in your lunchbreak all put extra pressure on your bandwidth – especially if there are other members of the household vying for it at the same time.

Here are some things you can do. Check your speed

Find out your current broadband speed with a free test like this one from Ofcom . Just enter your postcode and internet provider and it will show your upload and download speeds measured in Mbps (megabits per second) – as well as how it compares to average speeds in your area.

If your test results return anything upwards of 25Mbps, you should be able to work effectively from home, even alongside several other members of your household.

However, if your results come back at 10Mbps or less, you will probably need to take action to improve your internet.

Best Broadband Internet Providers Switch to a faster broadband service

Superfast fibre broadband – which sends light-speed data using fibre-optic cables – is now available to 95% of UK homes according to Ofcom’s latest Connected Nations report (the exception being particularly remote rural areas), and promises speeds of at least 30 Mbps.

Find out what type of broadband and package you are on by checking your contract or calling your provider. You can switch provider here .

You may find it is still running on old-fashioned ADSL which uses the same copper wires as your landline phone, in which case you’ll have acres of room for improvement.

You can check which broadband providers offer fibre in your area at any comparison website. If you already have fibre, see what better speeds and packages are available from other providers – or even your current one.

Bear in mind that broadband speeds you see advertised are based on average download speeds available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8pm to 10pm), according to rules set down by the Advertising Standards Authority. In other words, they are not guaranteed.

If you want to switch but are midway through your contract – which can run for up to 24 months – the provider may charge an exit fee. This often amounts to the remaining months of the contract plus the cost of any equipment that has been supplied to you.

However, if you are switching your broadband ahead of time so you can work more efficiently, you could see if your employer will foot the bill. Check your existing setup

It’s also worth making sure your existing broadband is functioning as it should. Start by checking your wi-fi router is plugged straight into the master socket (where the telephone enters your home). This is usually found in the hallway or near the front door.

Make sure your router is unobstructed, positioned upright and facing outwards. And keep it away from other electrical devices such as cordless phones that can disrupt the signal.

It’s also possible to buy wi-fi boosters which use the electricity power lines to give your wi-fi signal additional strength. Make tweaks to free up your bandwidth

Streaming services – Netflix, YouTube, or online gaming, for example – are typically pre-set to the best quality available. But it is possible to switch off the HD (high definition) function in settings. The difference in quality can be hardly noticeable, but it will free-up valuable bandwidth.Better still, limit the number of devices that are connected to the wi-fi at any one time. Establish a dedicated working space It’s important to carve out a piece of your home that’s dedicated to your working day. A vacant room is, of course, ideal if you are fortunate enough to have one.The next best is to set up a workstation […]

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