10 Amazing Ways to Build Wealth at Any Age

10 Amazing Ways to Build Wealth at Any Age

Rido / Shutterstock.com Most of us aren’t born rich. Those of us who didn’t inherit millions can still take steps to build wealth.

We have more options today than our parents ever did. For example, we can get price comparisons in a flash thanks to the Internet – and the money we save can go toward wealth-building.

If we want to diversify our portfolios, there are plenty of creative (and safe) ways to invest. That’s true even if we’re just starting out in life or nearing retirement.

Use the following tools to build your wealth at any age. 1. Cancel your car insurance

Chances are, you’re probably overpaying hundreds a year on car insurance. Cancel and get a better policy with help from a free tool called The Zebra .

The Zebra is one of the largest online marketplaces for insurance in the United States. Take a few minutes to answer some questions about yourself and your driving record, and The Zebra will compare the best options from more than 200 insurance providers, helping you find the best deals possible.

In just a few minutes, you could save up to $440 a year. In five years, you’ll have saved up to $2,200. Plus, it’s free to use, and no agents will call you.

Compare quotes for free. Enter your ZIP code here to get started. 2. Diversify your wealth with gold

Putting all your money in one place – stocks, bonds, crypto, whatever – is a recipe for losing wealth, not building it. Diversification is key to financial security. Here’s an easy way to start: Buy gold and/or other precious metals from Goldco .

Gold is an essential ingredient for modern electronics – a pretty secure industry. Silver is, too, and Goldco gives up to $10,000 worth of it to those who open qualified accounts.

Paper currency is highly regulated by law, and more can always be printed without any true backing. But ever since humans first figured out how to turn shiny rocks into valuable commodities, precious metals have represented worldwide value.

Adding them to your investment portfolio is a step toward wealth. Should you need to take some of it back out, Goldco’s “Highest Price Buy-Back Guarantee” means you’ll get top dollar for your holdings.

Goldco is the only precious metals company personally recommended by Fox News personality Sean Hannity. The company also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating from the Business Consumers Alliance. Satisfied customers on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Trustlink and ConsumerAffairs.com give Goldco 5-star ratings.

Protect and secure your wealth. Get your free investors kit today . 3. Protect your home from unexpected costly repairs

For many, the equity in our homes is a big part of our net worth. Sometimes that home doesn’t want to play nice, though: Heaters quit in the middle of winter, the garage door stalls halfway down, and a major appliance gives up the ghost. Suddenly we’re paying out money – a lot of money – to keep our homes livable.

Protect your investment (and your savings) with coverage from Select Home Warranty . No more looking for repair referrals when things go wrong; instead, just ask Select Home Warranty to send out a qualified local technician. And if they can’t fix it? Select Home Warranty will replace it. All that you pay is a service fee.

The best part? Right now Select Home Warranty is offering $150 off, free roof leak coverage, and two months of free service.

Face it: Your home’s systems and appliances will eventually break down. Don’t wait for an emergency. Get a free quote in 30 seconds . 4. Don’t waste thousands on car breakdowns

As a nation, we’re hanging on to our cars a lot longer: The average U.S. vehicle is now 12.1 years old. Trouble is, most of the big-ticket auto repairs happen long after the warranty has expired.Driving your car until the wheels fall off = no car payment, and more money to invest. Paying out thousands in car repairs every year = less money to invest. Fortunately, you can get great coverage for repairs with Endurance .Endurance sells vehicle service contracts, which are similar to auto warranties. They’ll cover your ride up until it’s 20 years old. Think of it as up to eight more years without a car payment, which is pretty great given that the average new car loan is over $710 a month.You can choose from among six different plans. All of them include 24/7 roadside assistance, a rental car allowance, and a free year’s […]

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