10 Best Altcoins To Buy In 2022 | Our top pick for August and Beyond

10 Best Altcoins To Buy In 2022 | Our top pick for August and Beyond

The number of cryptocurrencies available on the markets keeps growing every day. The term altcoin is used to describe all cryptos other than Bitcoin. There are over 20,000 altcoins you can buy today, so finding the best altcoins to buy is easier said than done. It takes a lot of research to clear the confusion, but even then, there’s no guarantee that you chose the best ones.

That’s why we did all of the hard work for you, so we compared hundreds of popular cryptos and selected the top 10 best altcoins to buy in 2022. Keep reading, and we’ll give you more details about each one and a quick step-by-step on how to buy them. So let’s jump right into it. Top Altcoins To Buy In 2022 List

Here is a list of the top 10 best altcoins available on the markets today. You can read detailed reviews in the section below.

> Uniswap (UNI) – Best Decentralized Altcoin to Buy for Maximum Future Gains

StepN (GMT) – Web3 Lifestyle Health App With GameFi Features

Ripple (XRP) – Cross-border Fee Protocol For Easier Cross-Platform Transactions

Decentraland (MANA) – The Most Popular Metaverse Project So Far

Solana – Top Altcoin Based on Smart Contract Blockchain

Cosmos (ATOM) – Best Interoperability Altcoins to Buy and HODL

A Closer Look at the Best Altcoins To Buy in 2022

Investing your money into cryptocurrencies always comes with a risk. The recent crypto crash taught us that things could go south even if they look stable, so it’s essential that you’re aware of the risks before investing in crypto. After reviewing hundreds of blockchain projects, we’ve selected the following ten as the best altcoins to buy in 2022. 1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Runner-up For The Best Altcoins To Buy In 2022

Tamadoge is another promising crypto project that could be one of the top altcoins to invest in this year. It’s a metaverse project loosely based on a popular hand-held game from the 90s called Tamagotchi. Like the original game, Tamadoge puts you in the role of a pet trainer, and your job is to take care of your pet and help it grow into a strong animal.

The Tamaverse is built using the best industry practices. It combines features such as a built-in NFT store, the play-to-earn formula, and a vibrant metaverse into one exciting experience. Every user starts with one pet, and each pet works as an NFT, so you can sell it at the store anytime. As you play games using your pet, you win Dogepoints, and the players with the most points at the end of the month get rewarded with the platform’s native token called TAMA. The tokens are then used to upgrade your pet, buy in-game items, and much more.

Tamadoge is still in its earliest stages. That means that you can buy TAMA tokens at a discount and become one of the early investors. Tamadoge is expected to become the next big meme token, which makes it one of the best altcoins to buy in 2022. How to buy TAMA?

The presale of this token started on 25th July 2022. It should end on 2nd September, or if all tokens are sold out.

Everyone interested can buy TAMA with ETH or USDT, and there is no minimum amount of money required for the purchase. However, the Tamadoge team advised everyone who wants to buy the tokens to make the purchase of a minimum of $10 worth of ETH or USDT.

Here is a short guide on how to buy TAMA tokens: Set up your wallet – Tamadoge uses Metamask or Trust Wallet to store tokens.

Obtain ETH or USDT – You will be able to buy TAMA with these funds

Visit the Tamadoge website – This is where the presale happens. Make a purchase – Click on Buy, then click on Connect wallet and connect your wallet. Buy Tamadoge – Enter the amount of TAMA coins you want to purchase and click Convert ETH. Claim your tokens – Once the presale ends, you can collect your tokens by clicking the Claim button on the website. 2. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Overall Best Altcoins To Buy In 2022 In the top spot on our list of the top altcoins to buy in 2022, we have Battle Infinity, one of the most promising blockchain metaverse projects we’ve ever seen. An Indian-based team entirely develops the project, and for those who don’t know, India is one of the leaders in blockchain […]

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