11 trends set to shape business in 2023, including sci-fi, self-care, and side hustles

11 trends set to shape business in 2023, including sci-fi, self-care, and side hustles

Small businesses can use 2021 trend predictions to inform their marketing, products, and messaging for the new year. The social platforms TikTok, Shopify, LinkedIn, and Pinterest published trend reports for 2023.

They expect trends like sci-fi, sustainability, and innovative brick-and-mortar offerings to grow.

Here are 11 trends set to shape businesses next year and what small-business owners should know.

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If you’re planning to start a business in 2023, or grow the one you already have, trend reports from some of the major social-media and e-commerce platforms can be valuable resources for inspiration.

Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Shopify released their 2023 trend reports this month, sharing the unique insight they’d gathered from their users. These reports predict what will be on the top of consumers’ minds next year, including online search terms to use, supply-chain strategies to invest in, and ways to make your marketing stand out.

Insider gathered the top trend insights that could help entrepreneurs in 2023, including tips on launching a fresh idea and acquiring customers. Fashion will lean into Y2K and sci-fi looks, while beauty gets a short cut

Emma Rogue lists a Y2K fuzzy animal-print minibag on Depop for $22.50. In Pinterest’s 2023 trend report , the social platform predicted fashion would embrace styles seen in movies from the ’90s and early aughts, such as slip dresses, tube tops, cargo pants, and claw clips. Popular fabrics will include lace, tulle, and ruffles.

There is also expected be a surge in sci-fi-inspired accessories like “Matrix”-style glasses and futuristic streetwear. Burnt orange looks like it will be the color of the year for weddings, featured in flower arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and guest attire.

In beauty, everything from hair to nails will be chopped short, the report predicted. Bobs and bangs are in; long layers are out. Meanwhile, two-tone hair color is surging, and more people are searching for scalp-care techniques.

Trending fashion and beauty searches on Pinterest include: Shimmery dress.

Lace-top long sleeve.

Burnt-orange wedding theme.

Terracotta bridesmaid dresses. 2000s girl. Summer outfits vintage ’90s. Avant-garde outfit. Gamer-girl look. Micro French nails. Chopped-bob haircut. Pink and lavender hair. Brown to pink balayage. Treatment for dry scalp. Natural hair mask for growth. Read more: 4 Gen Z fashion trends revived on TikTok in response to the pandemic Read more: This 27-year-old turned her fashion blog into a clothing line that sold $2.7 million worth of products last year. Here’s how she built her business. Home decor will be maximalist and vintage Some entrepreneurs are building businesses reselling and refurbishing furniture. Pinterest also expects home trends to tap into more eclectic looks, with antique and vintage furniture popular. Additionally, new pieces are expected to be inspired by the old. For example, mushrooms are becoming an increasingly popular motif in art and textiles, harkening back to the ’70s.Trending home-decor searches on Pinterest include: Eclectic interior design vintage. Mixing modern and antique furniture. Maximalist decor vintage. Fantasy mushroom art. Vintage mushroom decor. Funky house decor. Read more: Vintage-home-decor sellers have quietly taken over Instagram during the pandemic: ‘It’s like doing a huge yard sale with all of your friends all the time online’ Trains are making a comeback, and museums will be welcome date-night hangouts The Lumo train at London’s King’s Cross train station. Pinterest predicted trains would make a big comeback in 2023 as more people searched for sustainable alternatives to car and airplane travel. When it comes to in-town attractions, more people will opt for experiential dates like going to bookstores, aquariums, picnics, and museums, the company predicted.Trending travel searches on Pinterest include: Train-trip aesthetic. Indian-railway-station photography. Bookstore date. Date-picnic ideas. Creative date-night ideas. Aquarium date. Read more: It took me 96 hours to ride an Amtrak train from coast to coast. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. New technologies will be put to use Artificial intelligence and other technologies are spreading across industries, especially social media. Each year, LinkedIn asks the top voices and creators on the platform to share the big ideas they predict for the year ahead. In its 2023 big-ideas report , LinkedIn predicted technologies like artificial intelligence and Web3 would […]

source 11 trends set to shape business in 2023, including sci-fi, self-care, and side hustles

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