15 Side hustles paying up to $150/hour

15 Side hustles paying up to $150/hour

Photo by Shane on Unsplash Side hustles are the simplest and fastest solutions to our financial troubles. Thousands of them exist, and many pay handsomely for little effort that requires little experience.

Their wide variety allows for flexibility and unlimited working opportunities for freelancers, who can go from stable, high-paying jobs to developing a complete source of passive income.

Unfortunately, many lack a starting point and fail to indulge themselves in a side hustle that is truly worth it. There are many bad side hustles out there as well, and all they do is demotivate you from doing anything productive.

Below is a compiled list of side hustles I’ve found to be more worth your time, either due to their high pay, potential, stability, or feasibility.

Using one of these 15 side hustles paying up to $150/hour as your starting point on your freelancing journey can prove to be rewarding, eye-opening, and educational for your financial future. 1. Outschool

Outschool is an online tutoring platform that allows you to share your knowledge; which can be related to almost anything! You set your own class, list it, and Outschool will take care of getting you the customers you need; no teaching credentials are required .

This makes Outschool a side hustle that almost anyone can do, and it allows you to work remotely anytime and anywhere.

The great thing about this in comparison with other tutoring sites is the sheer amount of flexibility you have.

You are in control of what type of classes you want to offer, and how long they take. Some offer short courses that last a few meetings for quick and easy money or semester-long courses for more stability and steady income.

According to their site as cited in the embedded link above, Outschool offers a variety of services for teachers: A great online platform to market your services and classes to their community of students

Integrated video chat and messaging application within the platform

Secure payments and privacy

How much can you earn?

On Outschool, you list your own prices. According to Outschool, the average rate is $50 an hour but teachers can earn anywhere between $40-$100 an hour.

Outschool does keep a 30% fee from enrollments, but given their extensive marketing and large platform services, I’d say it is worth it. By starting a tutoring service on your own, it would be even more difficult to have people notice your services. How to get started

You can get started by submitting an application and following the instructions via this link: Photo by CDC on Unsplash 2. GoPeer

GoPeer is a peer-to-peer lending service you can invest in for extremely high returns.

When we think of loaning, we mainly resort to banks. However, often, private lending institutions take up a minority of the market for those who are unable to secure loans or simply need more funds.

Of course, there may be consequently a decent amount of risk associated with this investment, as there is with anything else. But with the aid of GoPeer and your own risk management knowledge, it is very much possible to make your returns profitable.GoPeer allows the use of diversification of your portfolio and also limits the risk to Canadians alone. The overall sophistication and well-being of Canadians make it relatively safer than more dangerous places.You can invest as little as $10 per loan across as many loans as you wish. How much can you earn? According to their site, you can receive gross returns of up to 7.5% to 28% . While the website doesn’t specifically mention any risk, with such a high-interest rate it is safe to assume from a financial perspective that the higher your return, the higher the risk.Therefore, diversify and invest at your own discretion. But when done correctly, making money is definitely possible, especially on a short-term basis. Make sure to diversify not only your investments/borrowers but also the returns you get. For example, don’t always invest in the highest interest possible. Try to keep it low and profitable relative to the risk, or mix it around if you want to try your luck at making more money. How to get started Get started by visiting the embedded link to the site at the beginning of this section and sign up to become an investor. Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash 3. Society 6 Society 6 is an online creative platform that allows people to make their own designs for iPhone cases, T-shirts, art prints, and other objects.The great thing about platforms like […]

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