28 Easy Passive Side Hustles (2022 Guide)

28 Easy Passive Side Hustles (2022 Guide)

Are you looking for a side hustle to generate passive income?

Passive income is essential if you want to retire early and reach financial freedom. Just imagine being able to do whatever you want whenever you want to – it’s entirely possible if you can generate enough passive income.

Whether you want to make $50 a day or $500 a day , it’s all possible thanks to passive income.

In this post, I’ll explore what passive side hustles are, some of the best passive side hustles, passive income ideas to make more money, and how much money you can make from passive income . Let’s get started!

KEY TAKEAWAYS: What is a Passive Side Hustle?

First, it’s essential to understand what a passive side hustle is. While passive income has a positive reputation and promises making money doing nothing – it’s not always like that.

For any passive income stream, you will need to either have a large lump sum of money to get started, or you will need to put in some hard work until your income stream is self-sustaining.

Creating passive income will take some time or money to get started before it becomes genuinely passive. 25 Best Passive Side Hustles 2022

Below are some of my favorite passive side hustles to earn money each month. If you want to make extra cash and create a passive income stream, consider some of these ideas. Start a Profitable Blog

Starting a blog is one of my favorite passive side hustles that requires virtually no initial investment to get started.

With this side hustle, you’ll need to spend time creating new content and growing your readership before you can make money – but once you have a portfolio of content, your side hustle will become more passive.

To start a blog, you’ll need a domain name, hosting for your website, and content to share with the world.

But before purchasing your domain name, you’ll want to determine what content you want to produce. This could be anything. There are many types of blogs that make money on just about every topic.

Next, you can purchase your domain name from NameCheap for as little as $10 annually.

NameCheap is my favorite domain registrar to easily purchase your next domain name. They are extremely affordable with domains costing less than $9. Sign-up below!

Get Started! After securing your domain name, you can purchase hosting to store your website files and launch your blog. I recommend using SiteGround because they offer top-rated customer service and have fast servers.

SiteGround is my favorite hosting platform to easily start a blog. They have top-notch customer service and prices starting as low as $7 per month. Sign-up below!

Get Started! Learn How to Start a Blog

Finally, you can install WordPress and start creating content for your blog.After you’ve launched your blog, you’ll need to promote it to gain viewership so you can begin to make money from your site. There are a few main traffic courses I recommend, including SEO, social media traffic, and email traffic.It can take some time to learn about each traffic source and how to gain traffic from them, so I recommend focusing on only one source to get started.Once your blog starts to grow, you can make money from it through a few main methods. Between display advertising , affiliate marketing, and blog sponsorships – there are plenty of income streams for blog owners to make more money.Blogging can take a massive upfront time investment, but it’s one of my favorite passive income ideas because of the income potential. Your income as a blogger will grow exponentially as you continue to publish new pieces, and your affiliate income can rise drastically. If you aren’t sure where to get started, check out my post on how to start a blog and some of the best types of blogs that make money . Claim Free Money from Banks If you’ve never heard of bank account churning – this is your chance.In simplest terms, bank account churning means signing up for bank accounts to take advantage of bank account bonuses.For example, Aspiration Bank offers $200 completely free to new account holders when they complete a few basic steps.This is free cash that you don’t have to do anything for making it a great passive side hustle worth doing.There are many banks that offer welcome bonuses but one of my favorites is Aspiration Bank . Open your account below to claim some free cash!With Aspiration Bank you can earn $200 […]

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