5 Best Crypto Exchanges in 2022

5 Best Crypto Exchanges in 2022

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Crypto is mainstream today. Most investors have at least a few cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. Crypto exchanges help meet the rising demand for these digital assets. Over the years, they have grown to accommodate new features, services, and products. If centralized exchanges dominated the market in the early phases, decentralized exchanges play a significant role in maintaining liquidity today. While some exchanges offer competitive fees and sophisticated tools, others excel in speed and performance.

We have compiled a list of the top crypto exchanges in 2022 and how they can step up your crypto investment strategy. What are the Best Crypto Exchanges

AQRU : Best crypto exchange with low fees

DeFi Swap : Top DEX for DeFi users

eToro : Beginner-friendly exchange

Binance : Crypto trading simplified

Crypto.com : Best mobile-based crypto exchange

Top Crypto Exchanges Reviewed

Whether you are a new user just getting acquainted with the crypto industry or an experienced trader looking for advanced services and tools, we will help you find the best crypto exchange that suits your requirements. In this article, we take a detailed look at the five top crypto exchanges listed above. We go through their fee structure, payment methods, security systems, and allied services among other key features.

Let’s dive in! AQRU: The best crypto exchange with low fees

AQRU tops our list of the best crypto exchanges this year. The platform is known for its low fee structure, which allows you to trade cryptocurrencies for (almost) free. AQRU not only makes crypto investments more affordable, but also gives more flexibility to traders. Since the transaction fees are cheap, you can get in and out of your positions with relative ease. As a result, AQRU has emerged to become a favorite among both experienced and new investors. Apart from an exchange, AQRU also serves as a crypto yield platform. Cheap, transparent pricing

AQRU charges a single 0.35% commission on each exchange transaction. Unlike most crypto exchanges, the platform’s fee structure is not based on tiers. Neither does it charge any hidden fees.

It is interesting to note that AQRU charges no fees on buying cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and USDC, when investing into one of their interest accounts. All deposits into AQRU are free of cost too, with the exception of a small fee for credit card transfers. You can add funds to your account on the platform through a variety of payment methods including crypto transfer, bank transfer, and credit card. There is no extra charge for keeping balances that exceed a predefined amount when you’re staking your assets. This will save you a lot of money if you’re a large-volume trader.

Crypto withdrawals on AQRU amount to a flat fee of USD 10 for Bitcoin, and USD 20 for other cryptocurrencies. But if that sounds like a lot, you can opt for fiat withdrawals instead. They are completely free of cost.

Visit AQRU Institutional exchange rates

AQRU features institutional exchange rates, making crypto trading more lucrative for retail investors and traders. It gives you fine rates, with no padding. That is, cryptocurrencies are offered to you at the same rate AQRU procures them from its providers. No clutter or distractions

One of the key features that have contributed to AQRU’s mass appeal and high retention rate is its focus on user experience. Both the website and the mobile application are straightforward, clean, clear, and responsive. Getting started on the platform is fast and simple. The theme is easy on the eye and functional, letting you find each service and tool without going through any hassle. Earn with crypto

As discussed above, AQRU offers one of the best yield services in the industry. It lets you earn passive income on your crypto assets like BTC, ETH and USDC. Currently, it offers up to 7% interest. In the highly volatile crypto market, the notion of locking your assets can sound dreadful. You can’t be blamed, as the commitment can sometimes lead to massive losses. AQRU offers an excellent solution with its flexible lock-in terms. The majority of interest accounts on AQRU don’t have a definite lock-in period. You can withdraw the assets at any time you want to, with just 24 hours’ notice.AQRU updates the interest rates from time to time depending on the changing market conditions. Another interesting feature is that AQRU pays the interest daily, tracked to the second. Robust yield […]

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