6 Best NFT Wallets

6 Best NFT Wallets

The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens in 2021 has made people more curious about them. While NFTs were already known in 2020, the concept began making headlines once a digital artist sold his NFT for $69 million. Events like these made NFT sales reach $2.5 billion dollars in the first half of 2021, a number that was only $13.7 million in the first half of 2020.

As it’s apparent, lots of people are already becoming millionaires trading NFTs. And if you’re looking to onboard the bandwagon to buy and sell valuable NFTs, the first step to do that is getting yourself an NFT wallet.

In simple words, an NFT wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that helps you store your cryptocurrency and NFTs in one place. It is essential for wallets to support blockchain protocols. To help you choose the right one, we’ve talked about some interesting options ahead. Best NFT Wallets – Top List

How We Ranked The Best NFT Wallets?

Choosing the right wallet might seem easy, but can be a cumbersome task if you look at it closely.

Don’t go for any NFT wallet that you come across on the internet. There are a number of factors that are to be taken into consideration. Your wallet will be your primary gateway to all your investments. Primarily, the basis on which you select a wallet for yourself is to see if it supports the blockchain you’re looking to trade on.

Moreover, an NFT that supports your blockchain and helps you access a marketplace is something that you should look into.

So, when you are going to select the best NFT wallet for yourself, these are the things you should keep in mind.

Security : The wallet that you go for should be guarantee security for all your assets and NFTs stored in there.

User-friendliness: For your NFT wallet to be useful, it should be something that you can use easily and is compatible with you. Anything that is complicated or difficult to use, will deter your experience. Choose a wallet that provides easy sign-ups and a simple user experience.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: After the rise of NFTs, most of them support Ethereum, due to its popularity amongst developers and the industry alike. So, in case you want to buy NFTs that are on different chains, you need a wallet that’s compatible with those chains and their properties.

Multi-Device Usage: For you to get the maximum output out of your preferred wallet, you’ll have to look at its presence across different platforms. Most of the top NFT wallets provide a multi-platform presence for their users to access their investments. 6 Best NFT Wallets – Full Guide

Since now you know about how to select the right wallet, let us look into some of the best wallets for NFTs that are out there. In the last two years, with the rapid rise of non-fungible tokens, a list of wallets have sprung up with notable features.

While most of them carry sets of functions that you might find suitable, there are some that stand out from the rest. We’ve curated a list of six such platforms, explaining their functionalities and letting you know about every important aspect in detail. 1. Coinbase NFT Wallet

The Coinbase NFT wallet has gathered popularity amongst enthusiasts, developers, and novices alike as the preferred wallet for their transactions.

What we have figured is there are a number of factors making it the preferable wallet in this list. The Coinbase wallet allows you to stay in total control of your NFTs, as you don’t hold them on the exchange, but in your Coinbase wallet. This allows your tokens to be relatively secure. Coinbase can be a preferred wallet for beginners due to its extremely simplified user interface.

Apart from the ease of usage, the ease of transferring the tokens makes it stand out. Instead of a public wallet address, the tokens are transferred from one username to the other. This makes the transactions seem more human and personalized, hence reducing the chances of errors. Adding to the user experience is the multi-platform usage available for the wallet.

While users can access the wallets through dApps, Coinbase released a web browser extension in 2021.

The Coinbase wallet also offers you a one-click cloud backup for your private keys, allowing you to store your private keys in your personal cloud. You can create your account on Coinbase by clicking here . 2. AlphaWallet Alpha Wallet might be the go-to NFT wallet for you, in case you are someone looking to invest […]

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