7 Best Crypto Investment Firms For Venture Capital Funds

7 Best Crypto Investment Firms For Venture Capital Funds

There’s a trend among venture capital firms to invest in cryptocurrencies. Simply put, blockchain entrepreneurs with innovative, game-changing ideas get funded and supported by crypto VC firms. It’s best to invest early in crypto firms to maximize returns.

In this article, we’re going to cover the top 7 crypto venture capital firms right now. There are a lot of great crypto VC firms, but Block Media Labs is the best overall to consider as a crypto investment firm. So, let’s read more! 7 Best Crypto Investment Firms For Venture Capital Funds

Here’s a brief list of the top options we will be discussing in this article.

Coinbase Ventures – Widely Diversified Crypto VC Fund Portfolio of Over 250+ Projects

Pantera Capital – Crypto-focused Asset Manager

Binance Labs – Crypto VC Firm Backed by Binance

Digital Currency Group – Crypto VC Fund Investing in Tokens & Blockchains

Polychain Capital – Actively Managed Blockchain Digital Assets

Sequoia – Leading US Capital Venture Firm Block Media Labs

Block Media Labs is a crypto venture capital firm that invests in web3 companies. The firm offers funding for crypto projects at all stages of the investment cycle, making it one of the few crypto investment firms around.

Block Media Labs offers capital assistance for crypto entrepreneurs, no matter if they’re starting out or expanding. Plus, this VC will help crypto startups build and implement a solid business plan.

A big reason why Block Media Labs is so successful is its marketing team. Through promotions, interviews, and more, Block Media Labs helps crypto startups get exposure in their particular markets. Visit Block Media Labs Now

Coinbase Ventures

Almost everyone knows Coinbase. Many people are unaware that Coinbase Ventures, a separate company within this world-famous crypto ecosystem, offers investment opportunities. In the web3 space, this investment firm has backed a lot of crypto VC funds and has over 250 crypto projects in its portfolio.

One of its major crypto VC funds is Polygon (MATIC). Polygon got a seed round from Coinbase Ventures. Back then, MATIC tokens were worth about $0.0007. Now in 2022, Polygon is around $0.8 right now – that’s 1100 times what it was when it launched. Among the other noteworthy holdings of Coinbase Ventures are OpenSea, Alchemy, Etherscan, Uniswap, Graph Protocol, Uniwap, and many others. Pantera Capital

As one of the biggest institutional blockchain investors, Pantera is one of the best. Additionally, Pantera Capital provides venture capital funds to retail investors.

Although this venture capital firm was founded in 2003, it only began focusing on the crypto market in 2013. Basically, Pantera is the first to market in crypto VC and provides a range of options for retail investors. Retail investors can choose from five different Pantera crypto VC funds.

Aside from web3 VC funds, Pantera offers direct investment to retail investors. Five funds have been set up to provide investors with access to Bitcoin, ICOs, blockchain startups, and much more. Binance Labs

Binance is a leading blockchain platform with a bunch of products, including the biggest digital asset exchange. In the crypto space, the platform wants to be a one-stop shop for crypto infrastructure.Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Binance also offers investment services for innovative cryptocurrency projects. To help grow the blockchain ecosystem, Binance Labs offers all the resources necessary to blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities.Since 2018, Binance Labs has funded more than 200 projects around the world. This VC firm has invested in many famous crypto brands, including Polygon, BitTorrent, 1inch, and Travala.com. Every year, Binance Labs runs a crypto startup incubation program aimed at DeFi, NFT, and metaverse startups. Digital Currency Group With a focus on fintech startups and blockchain technology, Digital Currency Group is a crypto venture capital firm. With 294 startups under its belt, it’s one of the biggest crypto investment firms.Some of its portfolio companies are Coinbase, Circle, Elemental, ZCash, and The Graph. Digital Currency Group invests in upcoming crypto startups and takes part in private token sales as well.As of now, this crypto venture capital company invests in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Decentraland, Horizen, Livepeer, and ZCash. In addition, DCG indirectly owns other cryptocurrencies through its subsidiaries. Polychain Capital This blockchain-related venture firm focuses on providing you with outstanding returns through an actively managed portfolio of connected assets. Polychain Capital has invested in numerous intriguing cryptocurrency companies throughout the years, including Polygon and Compound.The portfolio of Polychain Capital now includes 177 cryptocurrency startups, including 97 lead investments. This crypto venture capital business […]

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