7 Top Landing Page Examples to Follow

7 Top Landing Page Examples to Follow

Image source: Getty Images Landing pages act as both marketing collateral and sales tools. Learn the best practices for landing pages from these stellar examples.

A business website is one of the key ingredients of a successful company. Of the 329 million people in the U.S., 293 million, nearly 90% of the population, are internet users. A website presents the most effective, inexpensive means available today to reach these users.

That’s where landing pages come in. A landing page is a marketing term that refers to a unique page on your website constructed to accomplish specific business objectives. Internet users visit your landing page through a marketing campaign .

For instance, visitors to your landing page might arrive via a marketing channel such as an online advertisement. They clicked on your ad to learn more, and are taken to the landing page where they’re presented with content geared towards accomplishing your business objective, like collecting their email address to move them into your sales funnel.

Today, content management systems lets you build landing pages without requiring you to have deep technical knowledge. Still, before diving into landing page creation, you need to know how to design them to achieve your business goal.

Let’s explore some landing page samples to help you learn how to design your own. 7 best landing page examples you can learn from:








What all successful landing pages have in common

Although every landing page is uniquely designed to achieve a specific business objective, they all exhibit the same key characteristics. To maximize the success of your landing page, include these elements. User-friendly design

Arrange content on the landing page to focus on your objectives and to encourage visitors to take action by employing a user-friendly design. This concept entails creating a webpage that visitors find pleasurable, informational, and easy to use.

To execute a user-friendly design, strip the page of any distractions to encourage visitors to act on your goal, such as buying your products. Also, use a clearly visible call-to-action, a marketing term referring to instructional text designed to generate an immediate response.

For example, if you want visitors to sign up for a newsletter , limit the content on the page to discussing the merits of the newsletter, and display a call-to-action to get them to sign up. Web analytics

A landing page can struggle to meet your business goals at the outset. To understand why, you must measure what happens on the page.To do this, add analytics software, such as Google Analytics, to the landing page to collect data about your visitors and their behaviors. Doing so reveals valuable data such as how much time visitors spend on the page.If they visit for only a few seconds, some element of the landing page is turning them away, or it could mean the page loads slowly. With web analytics data, you are not flying blind, and can make informed decisions. Website security The security of your landing page can easily be overlooked, so ensure the page is secure. This means the URL starts with “https://” and not “http://.” This is particularly important when you want to collect personal information, such as an email, from visitors.Without this basic level of security, visitors are discouraged from sharing information with you, hindering your ability to move them down the sales funnel. Moreover, search engines such as Google and other sources of consumer website traffic penalize a site with poor security. Incentives Landing pages are a type of marketing collateral . As such, visitors typically arrive via some sort of online advertisement. The ad generated interest, but because it’s an ad, a healthy dose of skepticism accompanies the consumer’s visit.To build trust, especially when asking for personal information, provide visitors with an incentive. This can take many forms such as product discounts, a downloadable research report, or even simply outlining the benefits of buying from your business. Mobile compatibility No longer tethered to desktop computers, consumers today perform many online tasks on their mobile phones. A poor mobile experience turns off visitors to your landing page, and since you’re paying for each visit, this erodes your ability to hit your marketing metrics . So ensure your landing page translates well on mobile devices. 7 great landing page examples to learn from Landing pages are an effective component of an integrated marketing plan , but that doesn’t mean these pages must be salesy, staid, or boring. Let’s go on a journey through some top landing pages, and you’ll […]

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