Best Crypto Crowdsales to Invest in 2022

Best Crypto Crowdsales to Invest in 2022

Crypto crowdsales are early sales of new tokens directly by a project to its community. They’re often one of the best ways to get in on the ground floor of a new crypto project, before the token hits major exchanges.

With so many new crypto projects launching, there are dozens of crypto crowdsales going on right now. In this guide, we’ll show you the 10 best crypto crowdsales to invest in for 2022 and explain why you might consider investing in new token crowdsales. The 10 Best Crypto Crowdsales to Buy in 2022

We’ve combed through dozens of top crypto crowdsales to bring you the 10 best crypto crowdsales for 2022: Battle Infinity – Top Crowdsale for a New Metaverse Crypto Game

Tamadoge – Exciting Crypto Crowdsale for a Deflationary Token

CryptoDragons – Hatch Your Own NFT Dragon

GIGCO – A Web3 Platform for Artists, Venues, and Fans

NFT Workx – An NFT Services Company with a Utility Token

The Next World – Free Battle Royale Shooter in The Sandbox

inSHAPE – Move-to-earn Crypto Game That Rewards You for Workouts

Fusotao – New, Ultra-secure Trading Protocol for DEXs

WagerGang – Blockchain-based Sportsbook Looking to Disrupt Sports Betting

CrimeCoin – Meme Coin Based on Famous Crime Bosses

A Closer Look at the Best New Cryptocurrency Crowdsales

Want to know more about the 10 best crypto crowdsales? We’ve reviewed each new project so you can better understand what makes them stand out and decide which ones to invest in. 1. Battle Infinity – Top Crowdsale for a New Metaverse Crypto Game

Battle Infinity is one of the new crypto crowdsales that we’re most excited about in 2022. Battle Infinity is building a ‘multiverse of metaverse’ where players will eventually be able to create their own virtual mini-games. The potential for exploration, gaming, and development within Battle Infinity promises to be truly impressive.

The Battle Infinity development team is kicking things off with IBAT Premier League, a sports fantasy game based in the metaverse . In IBAT Premier League, players can acquire a budget, build a fantasy team, and compete in leagues to see whose team performs the best. Players must acquire an NFT pass to join IBAT Premier League.

Winning players are rewarded with IBAT tokens , the native cryptocurrency of Battle Infinity. This token serves as the basis for the metaverse economy and is used to buy NFTs, develop games, reward players, and more. Battle Infinity also plans to have a decentralized exchange within the metaverse where players can buy and sell IBAT.

Battle Infinity’s pre-sale of IBAT tokens is currently live on the platform’s website. Project supporters can buy IBAT with BNB at a rate of 1 BNB to 166,666 IBAT. During the pre-sale, the minimum purchase is 0.1 BNB and the maximum is 500 BNB.

The pre-sale is only available for a limited time. Battle Infinity’s development team is finishing up stage 3 of the project’s roadmap, which includes a total of 7 stages. 2. Tamadoge – Exciting Crypto Crowdsale for a Deflationary Token Tamadoge is another contender for the title of best crypto crowdsale of 2022. This play-to-earn crypto game enables players to purchase digital NFT pets. Each pet starts off as a youngster with its own randomly generated stats, strengths, and weaknesses. As players care for their pets, they grow into adulthood in unique ways.Once pets reach adulthood, they can be played in battle against other pets in Tamadoge’s turn-based virtual arena. Winning players climb the game’s leaderboards, and top winners are rewarded with the game’s native cryptocurrency, TAMA.TAMA is hugely important to the Tamadoge ecosystem. It’s the currency used to mint new NFT pets as well as to buy upgrades and accessories for players’ pets.Importantly, TAMA is designed to create value for players. The coin is launching with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, and 5% of tokens used in every transaction in Tamadoge are burned. So, the supply of TAMA decreases over time. The more people play Tamadoge, the faster the supply of TAMA drops and the more valuable this coin becomes.Another thing that’s great about TAMA is that there are no transaction taxes when players buy and sell the coin. That means there are no penalties for making small TAMA transactions like there are for many other new cryptos.Players can get in on the TAMA pre-sale now. The beta pre-sale runs for 30 days, followed by a 90-day main pre-sale. Tamadoge expects to mint the first virtual pet NFTs and list TAMA on major exchanges later in […]

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