Best Crypto Discord Groups to Join – Top 10 List

Best Crypto Discord Groups to Join – Top 10 List

No one can deny the community aspect of the crypto ecosystem. People come together to share their knowledge, hype each other’s NFT projects, and educate newcomers about the future of finance. Crypto discord servers have thus become the main go-to for these types of topics. You can discuss any question you have about the crypto projects, get help or help others about crypto, get updates about the latest presales, and make huge gains down the line.

That said, not every crypto discord group is cut from the same cloth. In 2022 alone, discord scams have caused upwards of 400 million dollars worth of losses. That is why you must know all the basics before joining a group. This guide will discuss the best crypto discord servers to join in 2022 based on their offerings, memberships, and potential to help the community maximize their gains. 10 Best Crypto Discord Groups to Join in 2022

Discord is flooded with crypto groups. We have gone through the most popular ones among them and created a list suitable for active crypto enthusiasts and those who have only a passive interest in crypto.

> Jacob Crypto Bury : Overall Best Crypto Discord Group Active Right Now

Crypto Hub: Leading Crypto Discord Server for Giveaways

The Crypto Nation: A Newbie Focused Crypto Discord Group

r/Cryptocurrency: One of the largest Crypto Communities on Discord and Reddit

Elite Crypto Signals: One of the Oldest Crypto Discord Servers for Trade Signals

Larva Labs: A Crypto Discord Server of the OG CryptoPunks

Filthy Rich Futures: A Futures-Focused Crypto Discord Server

Cracking Crypto: A Trading Focused Discord Server Group

Cryptodra: A Data-Driven Advanced Crypto Server

Axion Crypto Community: A Diverse Crypto Discord Group

Full Reviews of the Top Crypto Discord Groups

The crypto discord servers listed here have proven their mettle in the cryptosphere by creating healthy communities that have the potential to redefine blockchain technologies. 1. Jacob Crypto Bury: Overall Best Crypto Discord Group Active Right Now

One of the best and most active crypto discord groups right now is run by an upbeat crypto YouTuber named Jacob Crypto Bury – this crypto discord server is the right place to learn, engage, and discuss everything about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The crypto community has six channels. General discussion is where the community members can talk about the general going-ons about crypto. But Jacob has kept this section flexible, allowing members to discuss other matters as well. It is one place where discussions happen not only about the metaverse but also about some of the latest technology trends and media shows. It embraces the meme-essence of the crypto community. Sometimes you’ll find jokes all around, and other times, you’d be able to learn something.

The other sections are news, charts, data & graphs, DeFi, and Tutorials. The news gives daily alerts to community members about the latest developments in the crypto market. The timing of these news articles is precise, ensuring that everyone is constantly updated. The Charts Channel gives updates about the most active altcoins in the market. These trading charts detail the candles and other indicators so you can make an informed decision about your investments.

With the Data and graphs, you get a peek at the market trends of your favorite cryptocurrencies. DeFi provides you insight into the latest developments in the DeFi space – like DeFi Coin . And finally, there are tutorials. Tutorials are a space to learn about cryptos at your own pace. Whether you find the charts confusing are want to know more about the basics of crypto, the tutorial section has got you covered.

Overall, Jacob Crypto Bury has something for every level of crypto players – even non-players can join this space. Also, if you want to know about the latest altcoin presales to get the most gains, the Jacob Crypto Bury discord server also provides info for that. Best Discord Crypto in September 2022 Jacob Crypto Bury’s latest recommendation is Tamadoge (TAMA) which is set to be listed on OKX exchange and has its own dedicated section in his Discord server.Other crypto Discord community members there noticed large whale buys of up to 55.8 ETH in the final days of the Tamadoge presale. OKX exchange sign ups are also entered into a promotion to win a $10,000 mystery box. Users in countries unable to access its centralized exchange can also make use of the OKX DEX . 2. Cryptohub: Leading Crypto Discord Server for Giveaways It is not easy for a […]

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