Best IEO Crypto to Invest in 2022 – Compare Initial Exchange Offerings

Best IEO Crypto to Invest in 2022 – Compare Initial Exchange Offerings

When it comes to investing in crypto it pays to be early and it’s hard to get much earlier than an initial exchange offering (IEO). However, finding the best IEO crypto assets can be a difficult task. With new tokens being created daily, there are a lot of different IEOs to filter through. However, we’ve done the research and found 10 of the best IEO cryptos on the market.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best IEOs on the market, explaining how they work, and even providing an easy-to-follow system for finding new IEOs. The 10 Best Cryptos IEOs in 2022

For investors that simply need a nudge in the right direction, we’ve included this brief overview of the best IEO cryptos on the market. However, we’ve also added more detailed reviews in the next section.

> SID Token – Internet Sharing IEO

MetaCloud – Peer-to-Peer Computing

Lithosphere – IEO Attempting to Incorporate AI with the Blockchain

Pledge Utility Coin – Facilitating Charitable Donations with Blockchain Tech

Entice Coin – Building a Gaming and NFT Ecosystem

Naiadcoin – Crypto based on Real-World Water & Land Investments

Pledged Capital – IEO Combining Crowdfunding and Crypto

CRIPCO – Next Generation NFT Market

Orion Protocol – All in One Portal to the Crypto Market

METARIX – Web 3.0 Gaming Ecosystem

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection. A Closer Look at the Best IEO Crypto Projects

To ensure we’ve covered all the best IEO crypto projects out there, we’ve included a mix of ongoing and upcoming IEOs in a variety of sectors. Each of the projects we’re taking a look at shows promise and has a solid roadmap for the future. 1. Share Internet Data – Internet Sharing IEO

Share Internet Data ($SIDT), abbreviated to SID, is an interesting concept with the potential to change the web for the better. The project aims to provide free or affordable internet to people that need it by allowing users to earn rewards in the form of free crypto from sharing their internet.

Having access to the internet is almost a must in the modern world, employers post jobs online, commerce is moving online, and the best deals are found online. Unfortunately, for many, this vital service is unattainable due to a steep barrier to entry (cost). By creating a peer-to-peer system for people to share their internet and earn, SID could make the internet far more accessible for the average person.

Users will be able to earn rewards for adding Wifi networks to SID ecosystem, which can then be spent to receive free internet access. If it grows large enough, this system could mean that regardless of where a person is, they could have easy access to the internet without being charged high fees.

Overall, Share Internet Data is an interesting and unique project. There isn’t a similar system on the market (at least that we’ve found) so if well implemented, SID could dominate the sector. The exact IEO date is yet to be announced but we know each SID token will be sold for $0.01. 2. MetaCloud – Peer-to-Peer Computing MetaCloud ($MCLOUD) is an upcoming IEO that will be listed on P2PB2B for $0.068 and will run between the 1st and 10th of August. The project aims to disrupt the current cloud computing sector, an industry worth over $130 billion in the US alone.At its core, the project aims to bring the Web3 decentralized ethos to the world of cloud computing, a surprisingly centralized industry. The team believes that the future of Web3 should not be dependent on large entities with unlimited funds, but instead give power back to the regular person.To achieve this, MetaCloud wants to provide people with the option of renting out their unused computational resources and then connect these users with creators and organizations in need of extra power. People earn money from their unused hardware, and creators get access to ample computing power without the need for large up-front costs.While MetaCloud is still very much in its early stages, the initial reception of the product was mostly positive. If the team can get the tech right, then MetaCloud’s model seems like it could be extremely profitable. 3. Lithosphere – IEO Attempting to Incorporate AI with the Blockchain Lithosphere ($LITHO) is an AI-powered blockchain interoperability platform created by the KaJ Labs Foundation. The token can be found on the IndoEx Launchpad until November 2022 and is […]

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