Cryptocurrency price LIVE – Coinbase news revealed as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu won crypto market in 2021

Cryptocurrency price LIVE – Coinbase news revealed as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu won crypto market in 2021

BITCOIN, Ethereum, Alt coins, Shiba Inu and Dodge coins took the crypto market by storm in 2021.

All have boomed this past year.

When it comes to Bitcoin, what remains is just 6.3 percent of the total supply and is the lowest recorded in 2021, according to CoinTelegraph .

Meanwhile, TribeOne, the first AI-powered NFT & DeFi funding platform, has been launched, with a press release from NewsFile reporting, “This seamless platform provides users access to NFT lending products, innovative DeFi products, zero-to-low collateralized loans, saving & investing products through a single platform.”

This all comes as Shiba Inu coin had risen in value by Friday morning, with Bitcoin seeing gains as well.

Shina Inu’s value was up about more than 6 percent as of 9am on Friday morning, according to CoinBase .

Bitcoin had gone up by about 5 percent in the past 24 hours at the same time, according to CoinBase .

Read our cryptocurrency live blog for the latest news and updates… Jocelyn Cook just now Russia considers crypto ban, part two The proposed ban on cryptocurrency investments comes as Russia was said to be working on its own ruble-backed digital currency. Roughly $5billion in crypto transactions take place in the country annually, and nearly 12 percent of the population may already own crypto, according to Fortune . That was compared with a little more than 8 percent of the US population that owns crypto. Russia also reportedly invested in crypto in 2019 to limit the impact of sanctions over meddling in the 2016 US Election, Fortune reported.

Jocelyn Cook just now Russia considers crypto investing ban Russia’s central bank is reportedly looking to ban cryptocurrency investments amid its longtime skepticism of digital currency. The ban by the country’s financial authority would prevent future transactions, Fortune reported, but it wouldn’t require current holders to divest their portfolio. The central bank gave digital currencies legal status in 2020 but did not authorize their use as a means of payment, according to Fortune.

Jocelyn Cook just now Donating with cryptocurrency Churches are starting to see more donations made using cryptocurrency, according to Christianity Today . James Lawrence told the news organization that donations made on his platform Engiven using the virtual currency were slow in 2019 and 2020. By fall of 2021, the platform had processed cryptocurrency donations for more than 700 nonprofits. The list of recipients includes well-known organizations like The Salvation Army and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Up to 400 recipients were churches, Lawrence said, as more congregations move to accept the digital currency.

Jocelyn Cook just now Sending cryptocurrency on WhatsApp WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, is testing a cryptocurrency payment feature for some users in the US. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, owns WhatsApp and is letting some users send and receive Pax Dollars. Pax currency is deemed a “stablecoin” because it’s connected to the US dollar. The feature is powered by Novi, Meta’s digital wallet. According to Novi, making payments will be easy, like sending other kinds of attachments in WhatsApp. There’s no word on when the cryptocurrency payment feature might roll out to more users and countries.

Jocelyn Cook just now Why is Bitcoin bad for the environment? The problem surrounds the amount of energy used to mine a single Bitcoin. Computers are needed for complex mathematical calculations to put a new Bitcoin into circulation online. This process is also known as mining. A lot of energy is needed for Bitcoin mining and some experts are concerned that vast amounts of fossil fuels are being used to create this energy.

Jocelyn Cook just now Play-to-earn gaming, part two The new play-to-earn gaming model that rewards gamers with cryptocurrency for playing isn’t technically free. Gamers could have to spend $1,000 or more in order to start earning in the Axie Infinity universe, according to Forbes . The popular platform for play-to-earn gaming requires beginners to have three “Axies,” which are available for purchase on the game’s Marketplace Dashboard . Participants can then earn cryptocurrency for selling potions, breeding rare Axies, and playing various games.

Jocelyn Cook just now What is play-to-earn gaming? A unique model called play-to-earn gaming is driving non-fungible token (NFT) and cryptocurrency growth, Forbes reported. Axie Infinity is the most popular platform for play-to-earn gaming at the moment. It allows users to build a collection of “Axies” that players can use across its universe of games. The company then uses Blockchain to reward players for gaming, according to Forbes. Any […]

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