Cryptocurrency price LIVE – Just 1.3 million Bitcoin left on exchanges as world’s first NFT crypto platform launched

Cryptocurrency price LIVE – Just 1.3 million Bitcoin left on exchanges as world’s first NFT crypto platform launched

CRYPTO enthusiasts should be aware that just 1.3 million Bitcoin are left on exchanges, and that the world’s first NFT crypto platform has been launched.

When it comes to Bitcoin, what remains is just 6.3 percent of the total supply and is the lowest recorded in 2021, according to CoinTelegraph .

Meanwhile, TribeOne, the first AI-powered NFT & DeFi funding platform, has been launched, with a press release from NewsFile reporting, “This seamless platform provides users access to NFT lending products, innovative DeFi products, zero-to-low collateralized loans, saving & investing products through a single platform.”

This all comes as Shiba Inu coin had risen in value by Friday morning, with Bitcoin seeing gains as well.

Shina Inu’s value was up about more than 6 percent as of 9am on Friday morning, according to CoinBase .

Bitcoin had gone up by about 5 percent in the past 24 hours at the same time, according to CoinBase .

Read our cryptocurrency live blog for the latest news and updates… Brittney Donovan 24 minutes ago Real estate brokers paid in crypto A finance firm is offering brokers commission payments in the form of cryptocurrency. RLTY Capital is the first to roll out crypto payments for real estate brokers, according to Yahoo Finance . The CEO of the firm told the news outlet that crypto can help agents cut out intermediaries and avoid payment processing fees.

Brittney Donovan 54 minutes ago Record crypto investments, part two The crypto industry blew up in 2021 with crypto exchanges, start-ups dealing with NFTs, and play-to-earn gaming all highlighted as factors by Fortune . Increasing interest in the Metaverse also led to multi-million dollar investments.

Brittney Donovan Today, 15:00 Crypto investments top $30billion Investors contributed a record $30billion to the cryptocurrency industry in 2021, according to Fortune . The news outlet cited data from Bloomberg News that reportedly showed $7.2billion came from investors based in the United States. The $30billion is almost four times the $8billion that investors spent with companies in the crypto industry in 2018, Fortune reported.

Brittney Donovan Today, 14:30 What is fiat? If you’ve ever seen the word fiat used in the cryptocurrency world, know that it was not in relation to the car brand. Fiat is a term used to refer to government-issued currency. Cryptocurrency, or virtual money like Bitcoin, is not backed by governments or standards typically associated with fiat, which is why investors warn of crypto’s volatility.

Brittney Donovan Today, 14:00 Celebrities and NFTs, continued NFL superstar Tom Brady launched a sports NFT platform that sells signed NFTs in retro 8-bit style. Comedian Jimmy Fallon said he is a big fan of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Kings of Leon released its latest album as an NFT that included exclusive artwork and gig tickets, according to crypto website Cointelegraph. John Cena called his attempt to sell a series of 500 NFTs for $1000 each a “catastrophic failure” and only ended up selling 37.

Brittney Donovan Today, 13:30 Celebrities and NFTs Fashion brands, sports leagues, and celebrities have all turned to the NFT trend, which exploded in popularity in 2021. People like Paris Hilton and Grimes launched a series of NFTs that quickly sold out. Grimes has also raised $6million by selling several pieces of digital artwork at auction through NFT marketplace Nifty. Snoop Dogg revealed he is a fabled white whale known in the NFT world and has amassed well over $17million in NFT items.

Brittney Donovan Today, 13:00 Crypto investor death mystery, continued Cotton took with him to the grave the keys that allowed access to a digital vault containing cash investors ploughed into Quadriga CX. Jilted investors have demanded his corpse be exhumed and tests run to confirm it is his body. Criminal probes continue by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI as leading digital investing publication Coindesk branded his death as “crypto’s biggest mystery”.

Brittney Donovan Today, 12:30 Crypto investor death mystery A new documentary on rogue crypto trader Gerald Cotton, who took up to $215million in Bitcoin and other digital currencies to his grave, has sparked rumors he may have faked his death. Cotton’s sudden death from complications of Crohn’s disease at age 30 shocked the crypto world – but some believe it may have been part of an elaborate “exit scam”. One source in the documentary goes as far as to claim Cotton may have used a substance known as “Haitian zombie powder” to fake his death.

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