Empowering Blockchain Development, the New Crypto Mission of ViaBTC Capital

Empowering Blockchain Development, the New Crypto Mission of ViaBTC Capital

Recently, as the crypto market gradually rebounds, the expected latter half of the bull market has arrived. With a dazzling array of new projects, the rapid growth of the sector has attracted much attention. Many investors see great opportunities from the promising investment potential of the blockchain industry, with possible investment channels in DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, etc. In the sunrise industry of blockchain, those who can make early plans will be able to seize the next opportunity and profit from its perks.

Although there are plenty of crypto projects, many of them are short-lived as a large number of projects will be eliminated from the game after one round of bull and bear. The rapid growth of the blockchain space will not be halted by the iteration of projects. Members of the crypto community have also noticed that it is particularly important to provide early-stage support for outstanding projects. Against such a backdrop, ViaBTC Capital was officially established. Online brand conferences to reshape the image of investment

As an incubator committed to blockchain investment, ViaBTC Capital, a new subsidiary of the ViaBTC Group, focuses on the incubation and investment of blockchain projects in fields such as DeFi, NFT, Web3.0, Layer2, and DAO ecosystem. ViaBTC Group, established in 2015, dedicated itself to the mining pool sector in the early days of the group. In recent years, the group has built expertise in the mining pool sector and made investments in the crypto market, giving shape to a mining-pool-centered blockchain ecosystem that covers derivatives such as project investment, crypto wallet, public chain, etc.

Recommended AI News: GrubMarket Expands to Canada through Acquisition of Funtech Software The creation of ViaBTC Capital has major implications for the crypto sector. This institutional investor has announced that it will host a brand conference on October 23 through its official Twitter @ViaBTC Capital. Apart from the release of limited brand NFTs, the event has also invited big-name guests, including IOSG’s Ray, Shima’s Yid, Blofin’s Matt, WOO’s Ran, and ArkStream’s Warren Fang. It is noteworthy that the founder of ViaBTC Haipo Yang will also take part in the event. Together, the tycoons will engage in round-table discussions and explore the development prospect and the future opportunities of the blockchain industry.

Participants of the event will also focus on how the launch of ViaBTC Capital will contribute to the brand building of ViaBTC. Clearly, this new subsidiary also represents a great opportunity for ViaBTC to pursue its all-around strategy in the blockchain space. Resources ViaBTC Capital offers

With regard to the early-stage investment of projects, the support of resources and funding is critical. Different from investment institutions that only offer funds, ViaBTC Capital also provides crypto projects with a wide range of resources.

1. Market promotion

In terms of market promotion, ViaBTC Capital promises promotions on many international media networks and supports 16 languages, covering most of the countries in the world. Relying on support from over 1,000 product ambassadors, 2,000 communities and 200 KOLs across the globe, ViaBTC Capital is capable of localized promotions on a global scale.

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2. Technology guide

With a team of veteran developers experienced in the development of the mining pool, wallet, and public chain, ViaBTC Capital provides projects with technical support in terms of mining, staking interface, DeFi ecosystem, and multi-chain wallet development, allowing the project team to focus on the intensive development of its core blockchain technology. With help from ViaBTC Capital, the project team can concentrate on achieving breakthroughs of the underlying core technologies, while the ViaBTC team helps it develop the associated ecosystem applications in a short period. This makes it faster for the project team to release applications that face investors and users and gain the upper hand as it tries to take up more market shares.

3. A global network of investment

Working with leading foundations and investment institutions, ViaBTC Capital can provide projects with high-quality resources after the investment, which guarantees that the projects will be successfully incubated and win market recognition.

4. User group advantage

We can tell that ViaBTC is blessed with a rational group of users. Likewise, ViaBTC Capital is also technology-oriented when making investments. For a crypto project, it is questionable as to whether technical capacity is more important than popularity, or vice versa. Despite this, a project featuring innovative technologies is more likely to succeed with first-class resource support and funding […]

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