Exclusive NFT Art Club Mask World Aims To Attract Creators And Collectors

Exclusive NFT Art Club Mask World Aims To Attract Creators And Collectors

The multi-billion dollar art market wasn’t an obvious candidate for a digital revamp. And yet the emergence of a parallel crypto-art scene has been meteoric, turning a generation of crypto investors into budding art collectors and opening up a lucrative new revenue stream for creators.

Composed of one-off works or coveted collections of diverse paintings, the NFT art movement has its own scene and culture, and early signs suggest it’s much more community-oriented than its somewhat stuffy contemporary. One new project is certainly aiming to demonstrate just that.

Mask World is a private club for art collectors which grants members access to various collections, communities, and unique works. Although technically a gated community, one doesn’t have to ascend the social ladder or cozy up to the rich and famous to cross the threshold: all you have to do is acquire an NFT from Jordi Mollá’s acclaimed collection Masks . The gifted actor and artist is the driving force behind the venture, with Mask NFTs acting as an entry pass to the wonders within… A World of Possibilities

Mask World is, in truth, many things at once. It is the personal atelier of host and founder Jordi Mollá, one of Spain’s most celebrated artistic personalities. It is a vast collection of 6,799 unique mask PFPs. And it is an exclusive club that offers members various perks in both meatspace and metaverse, including the opportunity to acquire and view outstanding art (digital and physical).

As mentioned, holding one or several Mask NFTs grants entry to the private club. Mollá’s maiden collection featured eye-catching generative masks inspired by the artist’s hand-painted work, and was the result of a collaboration with Krew Studios and Raini late last year.

The colorful series proved to be an instant hit with discerning collectors, thousands of whom picked up a mask at auction. Following the initial sale, Krew Studios revealed that it was hard at work developing an interactive metaverse to bring token-holders, as well as the wider arts community, something a little special.

In all, three different types of Mask World pass are available, with each determined by the number of Mask NFTs held. A Generation Admission pass is available for those holding between one and four Masks, with an Express Pass reserved for those who own between five and nine. At the upper end of the scale, a Whale Pass is awarded to those holding ten or more Masks in their wallets.

There is, however, another way to obtain a Whale Pass – and that is by owning an ultra-rare Genesis Mask, inspired by the original 104 hand-painted masks that inspired the original series. Like their physical counterparts, there are just 104 such Masks up for grabs. Uniquely, these NFTs possess an attribute that enables them to be redeemed for their physical counterpart.

As the creative figurehead behind Mask World, Mollá’s artwork naturally features prominently in Mask World. Indeed, the Genesis collection represents the centerpiece of the initial collection. Moving forward though, Mask World will be a broad church that enables gifted creators to showcase their talents to an engaged and perceptive audience. Works uncovered by web3 startups Krew Studios and Raini, as well as Florida art dealer Paul Fisher, will be given a stage to shine. A Creative A-Team

As a community-centric project geared towards collaboration and group interaction, Mask World intends to pursue partnerships that deliver value to holders of both art NFTs and the platform’s native token. These will include projects involved in the worlds of art, gaming, defi, and entertainment.

Mask World’s forthcoming token will be used to support numerous use-cases within the club and can be earned through owning and staking Mask NFTs. The assets can also be deployed to buy and sell art, play arcade games, and trade in linked environments such as Krew’s evolving Pastel World metaverse.

Although the primary benefit of club membership will be access to special curated drops themed around a particular topic or mood, there are several additional elements that are destined to attract interest. One, Mask HQ , is a bespoke virtual clubhouse and fitting room where users can try a mask avatar on for size. This particular environment is actually open for all, meaning even non-NFT holders can plug in. Elsewhere, World Wide Webb is an interoperable pixel metaverse and MMORPG game where players can own digital land and leverage their favorite NFTs for avatars and virtual pets.

Would-be Mask World inhabitants don’t have to wait long to sample the benefits of club membership: the series will commence with a […]

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