Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency to Invest In

Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency to Invest In

Investing in crypto coins demands a lot of research and knowledge, but also courage and the right timing. So when looking for the fastest growing cryptocurrency to invest in, it is important to recognize which of those coins will continue to grow and which one will stop at that point. We have completed a list of fastest-growing coins to invest in 2022 that have huge potential: TamaDoge – best new project to invest in and is now on presale,

Lucky Block – best NFT competitions platform and one of the fastest growing coins in 2022,

DeFi Coin – best for fast transactions and long-term investment,

Avalanche – currently one of the fastest-growing crypto coins,

Ethereum – on the rise again.

TamaDoge Is the Best New Project to Invest in and Is Now on Presale

During the bull run in 2021, we could see that meme coins were some of the fastest-growing tokens on the market, and many investors earned millions of dollars by investing in coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. But even though these coins have earned a lot of money for investors in time, the coins lose in value mostly because they lack use cases and staking characteristics. Dogecoin is a highly inflammatory coin without any use case, which made this coin decrease in value. To conclude, investing in meme coins can bring you profit, but only if you invest early and patiently wait for the coin to increase in value.

One of the most promising meme coins you can currently invest in is TAMA or TamaDoge. This is a utility coin with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, making it a highly deflationary token. TAMA is a meme coin you can use on the TamaDoge metaverse project and game where you grow virtual pets from birth to adulthood.

The beta presale started on July 25th, 2022, and is scheduled to end on September 2nd, 2022. However, the project has already raised over 8 million dollars, and more than 50% of coins have already been sold. So, if you are thinking about investing, now is the time, as there is a good chance the presale will be over before the scheduled time. How to Buy TamaDoge

To begin, you need to make sure you have a wallet supported by Wallet Connect (like MetaMask or Trust Wallet) installed on your browser. Purchasing through a desktop browser will provide you with a smoother purchasing experience. If you purchase on mobile, we recommend using Trust Wallet and connecting through the built-in browser (just copy into the Trust Wallet Browser).

Once your preferred wallet provider is ready, click “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps, you will need to select “Wallet Connect.” You will then have three options to buy with Card, ETH, or USDT. If you do not have ETH or USDT, you need to select Option 1 and purchase ETH first. If you have sufficient ETH or USDT in your wallet, you can now purchase TAMA by typing the amount you want (1,000 minimum) and then clicking “Convert Eth.” Once the presale has ended, you will be able to claim your TAMA tokens. Battle Infinity Is the Best Play-To-Earn Fantasy Sports Game

Another great coin to invest in that has already proven its potential to grow is Battle Infinity native utility token IBAT. This token has already risen in value by 700% after the presale finished, and it was listed on PancakeSwap for the first time. With the correction of 400% compared to its initial presale price, the current price of IBAT is $0.0049. From August 26th, IBAT will also be listed on LBANK, so early investors who have missed the presale will have a chance to invest in IBAT on CEX or DEX.

Besides being a great project where you can earn money in a bull run, Battle Infinity also allows you to make a profit by playing a fantasy sports game, trading with NFTs, and much more. The Battle Infinity is a metaverse project with a play-to-earn game that allows users to trade and advertise their digital assets. There are six main products this amazing platform offers, making it even better than well-known Axie Infinity, Decentrland, and others. There is: IBAT ARENA – a metaverse world that users can explore with their avatars

IBAT PREMIER LEAGUE – a place where users can make virtual teams out of real players and compete in a championship

IBAT SWAP – users can swap IBAT for other […]

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