Gulf Xellence Announces the Most Exciting & Largest CRYPTO FEST 2022 in Dubai,UAE

Gulf Xellence Announces the Most Exciting & Largest CRYPTO FEST 2022 in Dubai,UAE

Witness the world of possibilities under one roof – attend CryptoFest 2022.

CryptoFest 2022 is a preeminent festival of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the Metaverse, Web 3.0, DeFi, Mining, Digital Asset Trading and GameFi Projects. This meticulous effort by innovative organizers brings together erudite speakers, inventive projects, and enlightening sessions in a thought-provoking environment with incomparable liberty for sponsors and attendees to connect with investors, businesses, presenters, and potential partners to dash off the most profitable deals. Become an attendee to network with insightful leaders & cutting-edge exhibitors, ultimately leading you to expand your network and collect high-value knowledge worth millions of dollars. Meet crypto pathfinders, accomplished individuals, blockchain experts, DeFi & NFT masterminds together in the rare opportunity offered by this definitive event. Cryptofest 2022 is presented by Gulf Xellence and will be conducted for two days in Dubai, from October 19th to October 20th, 2022.

Join us to encounter the ground-breaking truth of the crypto market, mind-awakening dialogues with changemakers and immersive content by market insiders. Fest Focus

Crypto, Metaverse, Blockchain, Web 3.0 Who Attends?

Investors & Business Leaders, Developers, Crypto Influencers, DeFi Projects, NFT Projects, Blockchain & Crypto Enthusiasts, Metaverse Projects, Crypto Traders, Media Companies, Gamefi Projects, Mining Companies Fest Snapshot

3,000+ VISITORS, 3,000+ ONLINE ATTENDEES, 60+ COUNTRIES, 50+ EXHIBITORS, 50+ SPEAKERS ,500+ INVESTORS. Uncover The True Worth Of Sponsorship

By choosing to sponsor the CryptoFest, you are signing the most profitable investment deal for the year 2022. The big takeaway from the fest is your massive exposure to an engaged audience and unlimited business opportunities. Take advantage of our sponsorship package to cash in on all the following benefits: A devoted speaker slot on stage to draw the attention of prospective investors by delivering your speech and presentation

Stand out as a leader and showcase the present and prospect performance of your products and services in front of market movers

Receive globalized exposure to your brand with a significant focus on your upcoming endeavors

The opportunity to discuss your prototype and welcome the point-of-view of experts to applaud, suggest improvements, and offer an exemplary push for a commendable start

Encounter potential partners and allies who could help you maximize your brand value at the global level

A place to educate yourself on possibilities and unlock methods of scaling up your crypto business!

What Do We Hold For You?

As we bring together thought leaders from all aspects of the crypto sphere under one roof, we present business networking at its best—a chance for you to discuss, learn and be exposed to real business talk. Whether you’re an investor, business leader, developer, crypto influencer, owner of a DeFi or NFT project, or a crypto trader or enthusiast, seize this exceptional opportunity to meet other bright minds who can enhance your business prospects as you acknowledge the bright future of cryptocurrency through the eyes and words of blockchain visionaries. What You Can Expect As An Attendee

Your hunt for worthwhile crypto deals ends here! Investors & Business Owners​

Crypto Influencers​

DeFi & NFT Projects

Blockchain & Crypto Enthusiasts

Crypto Traders Consulting and Media Companies What To Expect From Cryptofest 2022? An intricately planned hybrid event and fully packed agenda to deliver endless value over two days Event stages honored with the presence of 50 speakers and panelists who will share their perceptions on opportunities in the crypto market Six keynote sessions covering hot topics and trends in the crypto space to brief attendees about the detailed visions of experts Twenty sponsor presentations to help presenters showcase worthwhile prospects to potential investors Six gratifying panel discussions for both offline and online attendees A chance for 10k online attendees and 50 exhibitors to co-mingle during the two-day fest Your Takeaways From The Fest Quick insights into the future of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Opportunity to gain an understanding of the crypto industry and its benefits Learn to differentiate between fact and myth for cryptocurrency trends Encounter possibilities to invest in noteworthy projects Create a sound vision for investing in cryptocurrency Know about reliable sources for seeking information about NFTs A jam-packed schedule of events with incomparable value assembled under one roof To know more about the CryptoFest visit the website: Our Previous Events Highlights: Global Tech Innovation Summit – Dubai ” 09th , 10th March 2022 Global DeFi Investment Summit 2nd Edition – Dubai , 11th , 12th October 2021 Who Are We? Gulf Xellence is an organization capable of offering high-quality B2B events, expos, and training sessions across the globe. […]

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