If you have the passion and talent to make your work worth paying for, then wait no more and start selling your products across scores of online marketplaces. There are lots of websites with which you can apply to become a contributor of licensed shots of innovative, fresh and unique photographs, footage etc,.

Whether you are an engineer, entrepreneur, doctor, actor, journalist or earning your bread and butter through any other career, there is some hidden talent, creative outlet or hobby which you are passionate about. When you are good at something and love doing it, why notmonetise it? What’s better than pulling in some extra cash by turning it into a side hustle? Sounds interesting, right?

Listed here are 10 side gigs that can not only chip in extra money into your wallet but also be creatively fulfilling as well. allonmoney 1. Love to write? Make your content the ‘king’

Do you have a knack for regular content writing, whether in your diary or as a blog, and possess a good grasp of grammar coupled with engaging writing style and diverse research skills? If yes, then waste no time and make your content the ‘king’ by monetising this skill.
Providing fresh, engaging and well researched content across diverse sets of topics is a highly in demand skill globally. In each and every sector, whether its technology, science, healthcare, media or sports. Moreover, in today’s digital first world, content undoubtedly holds immense potential to communicate,engage and explain almost anything and everything to whomsoever it is concerned to. 2. Love to spin a yarn? Take up storytelling via podcasts

If you possess good oratory skills and absolutely thrive to tell stories to the audience, then podcasts are for you! In simple words, a podcast is a series of digital audio or video files that a user can download and then listen to. You can monetise your content and oratory skills by taking up storytelling via podcasts and gradually earning through sponsorship, affiliate marketing, online courses etc. 3. You were the genius of the school class? Become an online tutor

Chris Montgomery With technology rapidly changing and evolving people’s lifestyles, another sphere of life which has been benefiting from it, is education. And the rising adoption of the internet throughout the country and the consequent changes in the way people learn and get educated makes becoming an online tutor a good source of earning those extra bucks, but only if you have the unique combination of teaching skills and knowledge and wish to put it to the best use by educating people. 4. Have a big social media following? Become an influencer

Talking of side gigs and not coming up with the idea of social media influencing? Impossible. With the exponential rise in not just the popularity but the immense scope of growth that social media platforms at present hold, becoming a social media influencer can turn out to be a cool side gig. What you earn would depend on multiple factors like number of followers, deal with brands for posts, level and frequency of interaction with the public etc. 5. Arts and crafts is your life? Sell handmade, personalised goods

For anyone who is a true art lover, having handmade goods, and that too personalised, can be no no less than heaven. Whether it’s knitting, painting, sketching or crafting. If you have the passion and talent to make your work worth paying for, then wait no more and start selling your products across scores of online marketplaces. Moreover, with environmental concerns gripping fear over everyone globally, making handmade products through recycled material can be even better. Above all, just remember to price your work aptly, know your target audience and ensure that you and your art has what it takes to carve its own niche and sell well. 6. Love videoing your life? Take up Vlogging

Zach Ramelan Another side gig that has been gaining lots of popularity thanks to the mad buzz around social media, is Vlogging and Blogging. The latter refers to sharing engaging, informational and mostly informal content discussion with the audience through your content blog. Vlogging, on the other hand, is a form of blog whose medium is video. It usually involves embedded videos along with supporting text, images, and other metadata.

The more you engage with the audience with genuine and relatable blogs and videos, the higher would be the scope of increasing viewership and readership. And when your blog or […]

source Here Are 10 Side Gigs That Will Add Extra Money To Your Wallet

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