Hobbies That Make Money: 25 Examples You Can Start Now

Hobbies That Make Money: 25 Examples You Can Start Now

Do you have a hobby? Hobbies are activities we enjoy doing when we have spare time. These activities help us develop skills and talent, make friends with similar interests, reduce stress, and provide an extra stream of income.

Many of us begin a hobby for fun and enjoyment, not necessarily for profit. However, many hobbies that make money are win-win situations for your wallet. It may be time for you to consider monetizing your talent either as a side hustle or full-time. Reasons For a Hobby That Makes Money

Follow your passion.

Start small to minimize the initial investment.

Have skills and talent you want to develop further.

Have spare time.

Feel satisfaction.

Generate an additional income stream .

Teach others.

Freelance opportunities.

Sell your work on Etsy, Fiverr, Upwork, or other businesses.

Healthy for your body and soul.

25 Hobbies That Make Money

1. Writing

Do you enjoy writing? You just need a pen, paper, and creative ideas to begin writing and publishing. The benefits of picking up writing as a hobby to make money are low cost, a desirable communication skill , easy to start, and you can do it independently.

To get started, you need to consider the various niches of writing such as poetry, short stories, essays, fiction, book, news articles, speechwriter, or product reviews and what best fits you. Getting ideas can come from talking to people, walking around your neighborhood, or traveling. Find a time that is most productive for you to write.

If you write well, you may want to consider doing it freelance. It takes time to develop your niche, writing skills, and voice for most people.

There are many ways to land some writing jobs online as a side hustle. It is easier to have a professional blog to point to your work. However, you can start by doing cold pitches and contacting editors online. When you’re new to freelance writing, check the job board for freelance writers, and ask around if you can guest post. Pay varies per word from pennies up to $1.00 or more for the most skilled. 2. Photography

Do you enjoy photography as a hobby? Why not take it to the next step and pursue what you love doing? Try portraits, family photography, travel, sports, nature, stock photographs, or candid photography.Photography as a hobby can be very gratifying as you capture special moments in beautiful places. I enjoyed photography, taking classes, learning how to develop film, buying camera equipment, lens, tripods, and such.While it is not a low-cost hobby, I suggest starting with your smartphone and learning some techniques first. Make sure you enjoy photography before investing in gear and don’t buy everything at once. Watch videos, join a photographer community and keep learning.Photography is a great hobby to make money as a side hustle or a career. You can sell or license your photos online or to companies that specialize in your area of expertise. Consider listing on Fine Art America or stock photo sites like Getty Images or Shutterstock. You can do photoshoots at weddings or parties, teach photography skills, start a photography blog, or start a YouTube Channel. 3. Flying Drones Are you a fan of flight and aspire to be an aerial photographer? Flying drones can be an exhilarating hobby that makes money. It is an exciting hobby that requires precautions with the risk of crashing your drone, so there is a learning curve. Drones can start at $100-$200 if you buy them secondhand but can go up significantly to $1,000 or more.This choice is fascinating as a hobby and to make extra money flying a drone with photography and videography capabilities. You can create content to sell to real estate, agriculture, TV, and media.To become a drone pilot, you will need training (DroneU, ABJ Drone Academy, or Pilot Institute) and FAA certification. Freelance drone pilots can do aerial inspections for utility companies, aerial surveying for real estate developers, or social events like weddings, travel, and hotels that want to show their grounds. You likely would need insurance.Although there are some upfront costs (e.g., drone, training, insurance), you could do this kind of work on a part-time basis. Your compensation varies by the company or the group you may be working for. Earning $ 500-$600 per week is not out of the question. 4. Gardening and Landscaping Gardening is a hobby with many benefits. Besides encouraging you to work outdoors, gardening is a form of moderate exercise (if you work 2.5 hours) suitable for your […]

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