How Can Investors Capitalize On Blockchain?

How Can Investors Capitalize On Blockchain?

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have been creating waves of revolution in the world’s major industries, especially banking and finance for a while now. And, as a by-product of these technologies, cryptocurrencies have created new investment vehicles and financial instruments accessible to people across the globe. So, it came as a surprise to no one when they were crowned as the top-performing asset class for the financial year 2020-2021, delivering returns of up to 800% in just under a year.

For new investors and even veterans, this emerging industry with its scope for colossal returns opens a world of new opportunities for investment and wealth generation. Encapsulating the Value of Growing Businesses Into Tokens

Now, of course, the most obvious way for investors to capitalize on blockchain technology is to invest in cryptocurrencies and tokens of businesses emerging from this space. When investors hold tokens of blockchain-based startups, they can directly benefit from the growth of the project. For instance, early investors in Axie Infinity’s AXS token were able to rake in 25000% returns in less than a year.

But the opportunities are not limited and go way beyond just buying and holding tokens. Thanks to the creation of a whole new financial system on the blockchain, investors can profit from rewards mechanisms like staking and yield farming. They have the opportunity to provide liquidity to DeFi lending protocols on blockchain networks and earn APR (Annual Percentage Returns) on their assets. On DEXs like Uniswap, the APR ranges between 20-50%, which is typically much higher than any returns in TradFi.

Then, investors in tokens also have the opportunity to stake their tokens, participate in platform governance decisions and get rewarded when their decisions are approved. While every token and every blockchain startup strives to provide the best possible rewards to its investors, there are only a few that are aptly designed to capture the value of a growing ecosystem and become a huge value-add in the portfolio of investors.

And the blue-chip blockchain project Konstellation Network with its $DARC token, strives to achieve just this.

As a decentralized cross-chain financial market built on Cosmos , Konstellation Network’s vision is to enhance the composability of DeFi markets, make crypto assets more accessible, faciliate the transfer of assets between different chains, and to make the management of assets easier.

In this regard, the network has an emerging ecosystem of cutting-edge DeFi protocols, powered by the network’s native token $DARC. Konstellation’s signature projects like Alkemy, Taebit, VegaX, and Kambrian, all use $DARC at the core of their operations.

While Alkemy allows for the usage of $DARC to mint a stablecoin pegged on multi-fiat currencies that will be used invest into novel crypto assets that would otherwise be very difficult to access, Taebit is a DeFi platform centered on bringing cryptocurrencies to the Korean market for censorship-free trading and also allows seamless stablecoin use. On the other hand, VegaX encompasses investment towards digital assets strategies and indexes.
Konstellation also has a Solana-based NFT game projects like Squid Squad OG that allows $DARC holders to play and earn crypto with NFTs.

So, in this regard, the demand for $DARC within the Konstellation ecosystem is pretty high and only keeps increasing as the ecosystem grows, creating a network effect. And the token is perfectly poised to capitalize on these network effects to deliver significant returns to its investors. For new investors venturing into the crypto market, tokens like the $DARC provide a valuable opportunity for wealth generation. Capitalizing on the Industry

The crypto industry, today, is swarming with over 9000 tokens. While each of these tokens serves a specific purpose within its ecosystem, there are very few tokens that serve multiple use-cases and capture the value of the entire ecosystem to redirect it towards investors. For investors to be able to capitalize on the blockchain industry, it is crucial to invest in tokens like these and in this context, Konstellation’s DARC could be a good starting point.

With all the buzz around blockchain and its disruptive potential, cryptocurrencies are the trending new investment area at the moment. And it is understandable why this is the case. In 2020, cryptocurrencies were crowned the top-performing asset class delivering returns up to 800% in just under a year.

If you are an investor foraying into the crypto space, you may want to check out the next potential blue-chip crypto project — Konstellation Network.

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