How Much Is 6-Figures, 7-Figures, 8-Figures & 9-Figures?

How Much Is 6-Figures, 7-Figures, 8-Figures & 9-Figures?

Have you heard people refer to someone’s income as 6-figures, 7-figures, 8-figures, or even 9-figures? Understanding the numbers behind these terms can help you determine your income and net worth goals. And let’s face it, it’s fun to know what types of jobs command such high salaries.

In this article, I’ll break down the numbers and share some examples of careers that fit each income level. Want to know who is making 9-figures? Keep reading! What Does 6-Figure, 7-Figures, 8-Figures, and 9-Figures Mean?

Knowing the difference can help you better define your income goals. They can also help you determine what your savings and investment goals are. Let’s define what people are talking about when referring to “figures” when referring to money. What Is a “Figure” in Terms of Money?

In money terms, “figure” is referring to digits. A singular figure is typically considered to be one digit.

For instance, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 are figures. For example, a three-digit income would be less than $999 per year. A four-digit income would be less than $9,999 per year. How Much Is 6-Figures?

Following that example, 6-figures refers to any dollar amount between $100,000 and $999,000.

For instance, if your co-worker (or your sister or your friend) is talking about themselves or someone they know making six figures, you know that they make over $100,000 per year.

However, you may not know whether they make $100,000 a year or $600,000 per year. I mean, how does one go about earning that kind of cash?

Here are some jobs with a national average salary of $100,000 per year or more. Note that salary ranges differ depending on your geographical location. 6-Figure Income Jobs

These six-figure income jobs may or may not require a degree. All salaries listed come from Indeed’s estimates .

1. Product Manager– $102,216. A Product Manager’s duties include management of the product development process. From inception to market, Product Managers determine customer needs, marketability, competition concerns, product improvement, etc.

2. Software Engineer– $107,812. A Software Engineer’s primary duties include developing computer and software programs. They also work with company developers and technicians and any clients benefiting from the programs they’ve developed.

3. Director of Finance– $111,556. A Director of Finance oversees a company’s financial records. As a Director of Finance, you would be responsible for creating budgets, preparing long-term economic projections, and training with/working with your finance department.

4. Trucking Owner/Operator– $276,499. An over-the-road truck operator who owns their truck is responsible for transporting goods from one location to another. As a trucking owner/operator, you may also be responsible for meeting with and scheduling client loads as you work with transportation agents who can help you connect with clients.

5. Surgeon– $268,308. A surgeon performs surgeries in their specialty area, which can focus on any number of ages of clients or body parts. For instance, you may specialize in pediatric surgeries, gynecology, or brain surgery. Of course, extensive schooling is required for this job. How Much Is 7-Figures?

When people talk about seven-figure incomes, sale prices, or net worth, they could be referring to any dollar amount between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999.

Achieving a seven-figure net worth is very doable with the right commitment level and wise investment choices. Achieving a seven-figure income is no small feat. In real life, these high-paying jobs are reserved for a select few. But what types of jobs can you work to earn a seven-figure income? 7-Figure Income Jobs

Obtaining a seven-figure income job will take a combination of education and talent. Here are some examples of seven-figure income job opportunities.

1. C-Level Executives. When we talk about C-Level executives, we’re talking about top company leadership in larger companies. For instance, The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Chief Operations Officer of a company.If you’re interested in running a company that has high annual revenues or being near the top of the food chain in such a company, a seven-figure salary could be in your future. 2. Investment Banker. An Investment Banker is, in short, an investment advisor to a corporation, company, or government entity. To be successful as an investment banker, you need to have intimate knowledge of investing and of the stock market as a whole.You must also have strong analytical skills and a good, trustworthy gut instinct when investing. While an investment banker’s annual salary is typically in the six-figure range, bonuses and commissions can easily put a successful banker’s salary into the seven-figure range. 3. Business Consultant. A Business Consultant works […]

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