How to become an influencer on TikTok or Instagram

How to become an influencer on TikTok or Instagram

It is easy to think that taking a cool photo to post on Instagram or recording a fun dance for TikTok will make you famous overnight. The reality, though, is that becoming an influencer is less about finding a trend to follow and more about consistent and strategic planning to build a brand from scratch.

Many people don’t fully understand the behind-the-scenes work that goes into becoming a full-time influencer. Although this career path might seem like a risky, maybe mysterious, lifestyle to many, there are several concrete steps you can take that could turn your passion into your full-time job.

Like all entrepreneurs, successful influencers always start their career with an idea of what they are passionate about and what content best fits their talents.

Talia Lichtstein and Audrey Trullinger both knew they wanted to enter the entertainment space, specifically in comedy or late night television, so they used social media to create funny videos that allowed them to showcase their talents and work toward their future goals.

Lichtstein, who now has 1.1 million followers on TikTok, is known for her “stuff that I hate” lists and her generally satirical content.

Talia Lichtstein is famous for her “Stuff that I hate” rants on TikTok. She has 1.1M followers.

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“It all started with the ‘things I hate’ persona and that has evolved but this character is still at the core of everything I am posting,” Lichtstein explained. “The people who follow me are mostly there for that and I know that. You have to be conscious of why people like you and why they follow you and then keep creating the content that they followed you for.”

Her one-minute rants (like the one below) are jam-packed with things Lichtstein hates — everything from boys in tube socks to red nail polish. And every one includes a telltale disclaimer that you can disagree with her opinions but you can’t change her mind! She’ll tell you straight that she likes to fight so if you disagree, bring it. Skip to main content Related videos

884.3K 1.6M 3.1M 951.8K 7.2M 541.8K 483.6K 12.6M 1.1M 916K 1.3M 2M 1.6M 2.1M 1.5M 531K 2.4M 1.3M 958.2K 1.8M 177.1K 210.3K 567.6K 2.5M 38.1K 13.2K Billions of videos and counting – only on TikTok @talialichtstein #greenscreen another sh*tlist!!!!!! ❤️❤️normalize being a hater original sound – Talia Lichtstein Trullinger leaned into her comedic passions on her TikTok account and has garnered 1.4 million followers who love her point of view videos, sketches, and story times. Trullinger’s dance content first went viral on TikTok, but she came to the conclusion that she could use the platform for content that she was more passionate about.

Audrey Trullinger’s TikTok videos are “comedy sketches with a little bit of fashion and lifestyle sprinkled in.” She has 1.4M followers.

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“I really love to make people laugh, so I decided if I’m gaining this following I should try to make the kind of content I wanted to make … when I was younger,” Trullinger said. “So I would say my TikTok is mainly geared toward relatable content and comedy sketches with a little bit of fashion and lifestyle sprinkled in there and my YouTube and Instagram are mostly fashion and lifestyle.”

In the one-minute video below, she hilariously impersonates a sales associate at Lululemon. “Hey, girl, welcome to Lulu. Let me know if I can help you find anything. Oh, those leggings you’re looking at? I love those. I wear them to my 5 a.m. yoga class. Yeah they’re really great. You should get them. … Oh, yeah! They are $148. I know! Ha ha. But they’re so worth it. … Like, I have like five pairs.” Skip to main content Related videos

1M 1.4M 843.3K 1.5M 2.2M 933K 118.9K 177.1K 66.6K 149.4K 1.4M 245.1K 174.1K 1.6M 448.8K 1M 254.4K 808.8K 123.6K 401.1K 5.5M 648.6K 32.4M 66.5M 582.7K 3535 16.8K Billions of videos and counting – only on TikTok @audreytrullinger oh you want align leggings? #pov #lululemon #lululemonemployee #employeesbelike #retailproblems #workout #exercise #lululemondupes original sound – Audrey For some influencers, developing a brand starts with one or two viral videos that let them know what their niche is and what content they should focus on. That was the case for Claire-Lise Greve, an influencer from Texas known for her sorority-advice videos that have brought her 944,000 TikTok followers. After going through sorority recruitment at UT Austin, Greve saw how difficult the process could be and took to social media to share the guidance that helped her find her home […]

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