How to Double Up on Airdrops �

How to Double Up on Airdrops �

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Dear Bankless Nation,

You can build wealth the hard way or the easy way.

Bear markets are abundant with opportunities to do it the hard way.

But if you look closely enough, there’s juicy, low-hanging fruit ready to be plucked.

Bankless and Metaversal writer WM Peaster’s got a juicy treat: a low-risk, high-reward strategy that’s simple and bear-proof

Learn how to double up on airdrops in the emerging Layer 2 ecosystem with today’s tactic.

— Bankless Team

Daniel Schmactenberger is a founding member of The Consilience Project. He’s propagating the idea of the Metacrisis, which outlines the totality of risk that we face as a species and planet.

Our systems trend towards two directions — dystopia and catastrophe. Is there a way we can avoid these fates? Daniel says yes, by creating more antifragile world that takes advantage of our exponential technologies. Graphic credit: Logan Craig There are a number of layer two (L2) scaling solutions that will launch native tokens.

There are also apps on these L2s that will launch their own tokens as well.

It may be possible to receive two airdrops later for the price of performing one on-chain activity now.

Accordingly, this Bankless tactic will show you how you may “double up” on future airdrops while early adopting Layer 2 tech. Goal : Learn about doubling up airdrops

Skill : Intermediate

Effort : 30 minutes

ROI : Earning future airdrops

Hunting for airdrops is one part pastime, one part on-chain gig work for the modern degen. Right now, the frontiers of web3 are where the best potential opportunities to efficiently “double up” on airdrops can be found.

By that, I mean performing one activity to get in line for two distinct future token distributions.

To find these opportunities, here’s where you start: > Find a promising Ethereum L2 that hasn’t released a token yet — or in the case of Optimism, a project that plans further phases of token airdrops in the future. Find and use apps on these L2s that also haven’t released native tokens yet. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees with this strategy. It could lead you to trying out L2s or apps that never actually release their own tokens!This early on in the lifespan of the blooming L2 ecosystem, there will be more than a few “double dip” airdrops that come to pass. Positioning yourself now will make all the difference later.Accordingly, if you’re interested, consider trying some token-less apps on candidate L2s so that if any of those projects + rollups do eventually conduct retro token launches to early users, you’ll be among those users. Image via Logan Craig As for which L2s to specifically target: Optimism, zkSync, and Arbitrum appear to be low-hanging fruit.For instance, we already know Optimism is holding multiple additional rounds of OP airdrops going forward, and the zkSync project has confirmed its own token plans . Arbitrum’s team has been mum on token talk, but it seems all but poised to release a token for community coordination.That leaves us with having to pick out specific apps that are presently token-less that can be used on these L2s. I’ll help you cut to the chase here by showing you some projects that fit that bill… There are many L2-centric bridge projects out there that haven’t launched tokens yet.Hop unveiled its HOP earlier this year. it’s probable that in the months ahead, multiple bridges perform retro-distributions in bids to keep up liquidity-wise.Some such bridges that may eventually release their own tokens that you might try include: Bungee — supports Arbitrum, Optimism, and other L1 EVMs deBridge — supports Arbitrum and other L1 EVMs Orbiter Finance — supports zkSync, Arbitrum, Optimism, and other L1 EVMs transferto.xzy by LI.FI — supports Arbitrum, Optimism, and other L1 EVMs Some of these projects, like Orbiter Finance, may not be fully audited yet, so use with caution — and not with your full crypto stack, of course.However, these bridges present some of the most obvious potential “double up” airdrop candidates right now.Beyond bridges, there are also a number of token-less DeFi, NFT, and wallet projects on L2s that you can try: Argent is a mobile social recovery wallet that supports Ethereum and the zkSync L2. On the zkSync side of things, Argent offers curated L2 DeFi investment opportunities across Aave, Lido, and Yearn.If Argent ever launches a retro token distribution, having […]

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