How To Make Money Online for Beginners: 8 Best Ways

How To Make Money Online for Beginners: 8 Best Ways

LightField Studios / Increasing fuel prices and the cost of living in general are affecting the bottom line of many individuals. Finding a side hustle is a good solution to help make ends meet. There are plenty of opportunities on the internet that could help you earn some extra cash without necessarily having to give up your day job. This guide on how to make money online for beginners will give you some options and ideas on how to get started. 1. Sell Your Clutter

If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo and her method of only keeping things that bring you joy, you could clear out your home and make some money on the side. There are plenty of websites where you can sell clothes, accessories, home furnishings, collectibles and more. All you need to do is photograph the items and write a description of what you’re selling. Some marketplaces and websites you could sell your items from include: Poshmark (fashion)

Facebook Marketplace (local and longer-distance shipping)

Craigslist (local)

While the opportunity is there to make money, be sure to watch out for scams , especially in the local marketplaces. 2. Tutor or Teach Online

If you have a skill that’s worth sharing, you may be able to tutor or teach someone else online. Becoming an online homework tutor or an English instructor to individuals in other countries are a couple of the most common options.

You don’t even need an educational degree — you can help grade school kids with their homework or a high school student with algebra or geometry if you have some knowledge on the topic. Some places you can advertise your skills and services to teach online include: Wyzant




3. Sell Products on Amazon

If you’re a master of finding the best deals in stores near you, it may be a profitable online business. You could make cash on the side by reselling clearance items for a profit on Amazon with a seller account.

If you have less than 40 items per month to offer, you can sign up for the Individual plan. With this plan, you’ll incur a fee of 99 cents per item sold. For more volume, you can sign up for the Professional plan, which comes with a fee of $39.99 per month. Note that both plans come with additional transaction fees once you sell the items.

Some of the best places to hunt for discounted items to resell include: Ross



Big Lots

Outlet stores 4. Rent Out Your Belongings There are a growing number of websites that allow you to rent out or crowdsource your belongings. Some examples of platforms you can use to rent things out for a profit include: Swimply: Rent out your swimming pool for the day Turo: Rent out your car Airbnb: Rent out a home or room as a vacation rental Most of the websites that offer your items as rentals offer insurance or coverage that protects your belongings against loss or damage and even offer some liability if something goes wrong. 5. Earn Rewards If you have some downtime and don’t mind spending some time on your phone or a computer doing activities such as taking surveys or watching videos online, you could earn points, rewards and cash.Websites like Swagbucks , InboxDollars and Survey Junkie work with brands to receive consumer input about their goods and services. In some cases, you may even receive products to try out and review.For more info on how you can make money by investing a few minutes every day to shop online, surf the web or answer some questions, check out these money-making apps . 6. Start a Blog It could take some time before you see any rewards after starting a blog. This is simply because you’ll need to invest time and effort to write your blog posts and find an audience willing to read them. However, the investment could be well worth it. Once you build a loyal audience, there are many ways to make money from the blog. Some ways include: Ads: Google Adsense is a great way to sell space on your blog to the right advertisers for a fee. Each time a reader clicks on an ad, you’ll receive some money, which depends on the category and popularity of the topic. Affiliate marketing: With affiliate marketing, you can promote a certain product and if someone purchases it, you’ll receive a commission. One of the easiest ways to […]

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