How To Turn $10 Into $100 or More

How To Turn $10 Into $100 or More

turk_stock_photographer / Getty Images/iStockphoto Not everyone has huge chunks of change sitting around to put into investments or earn interest. But there are still ways to grow your money , from as little as $10, with creativity and strategic financial choices. Here experts suggest eight ways to turn your $10 into $100 or more.

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If you have a little retail savvy, you can engage in “online retail arbitrage” to make relatively easy money, according to Andrei Kurtuy, co-founder and CCO of Novorésumé . “On paper, the concept is straightforward: simply buy anything on sale or for a low price and then resale it online for a tiny profit.” He clarified that it may take selling several items to get to the $100 threshold, but you can work your way up there. He recommends some prominent internet marketplaces, including Mercari, Poshmark, Depop and eBay. Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites

If you thought that investing in real estate with just $10 was impossible, think again. According to Olivia Tan, a Florida-based personal finance coach and co-founder of CocoFax , “a few real estate crowdfunding sites actually let you invest in real estate properties or real estate loans with only $10.” The two leading companies are Fundrise and Groundfloor.

“Of course, turning $10 into $100 through investing takes a long time since even with decent returns, it takes time for such a small amount of money to compound,” she said, but it’s a great way to grow your wealth and build good habits. Repurpose Garage Sale Finds

The best prices on valuable items you can resell are probably to be found at local garage sales, according to Adam Garcia, a financial advisor and CEO at The Stock Dork .

“This is one of the best ways to double $10 up to $100 and more. You can use eBay–it’s easy and convenient to use and doesn’t have any fees to pay until you sell something.” Of course, be sure to pick valuable items that people need, he urged, “and organize these items with good descriptions on the right online platform to sell them. Most probably, this will turn into a side hustle for you.” Invest In a Stock Index Fund

“The surest way to build true long-term wealth for retirement is to invest in the stock market, particularly a stock index fund,” said Robert R. Johnson, founder and CEO of Economic Index Associates. “Albert Einstein said that ‘compound interest is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.’” Thus, over time, your $10 will eventually be worth quite a lot more than $100, especially if you keep contributing.

Furthermore, he pointed out that, according to data compiled by Duff & Phelps, since 1926 the average annual return on a large capitalization stock index is 10.3%. “If these historical average returns hold in the future, an investor would double their money in slightly over seven years, and have 10 times their original investment in 23 years.” Look For Investment Sign-Up Bonuses

Some retirement accounts will offer sign-up bonuses that give you an instant return, though you might have to put in more like $25 to start, according to enrolled tax agent H. Nicole Rosen, founder of the tax advising firm Boundless Advisors. “One of my adult children just opened his first ROTH IRA and I had narrowed down the company we were going to use to two companies. One of the companies was offering a $100 sign-up bonus and the second company was not. We went with company A. We started his investment with $25 the first month with plans to put in $25 each subsequent month. Company A has already credited the $100 referral bonus to his account. That $25 investment is now $125.” Grow Your Small Change

If you want to grow your money with even less than $10, consider using Acorns, a micro-savings app, which rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference, according to Adam Wood, co-founder of RevenueGeeks . “If you spend $5.60 on something, it will automatically pay the correct amount to the vendor before putting the remaining $0.40 into a micro-savings pot. The app invests your tiny change in a diversified portfolio once it’s in the pot. This is a fantastic way to put spare money to good use that would otherwise collect […]

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