I make £4K a month renting out my clothes with my side hustle – I work three hours a day, anyone can do it

I make £4K a month renting out my clothes with my side hustle – I work three hours a day, anyone can do it


WITH the cost of living crisis putting a huge strain on many, it seems more and more people are turning to side hustles to bring in some extra cash.

We spoke to one woman, Paula Pimlott , a mum-of-one, who started renting out clothes in her wardrobe to earn a bit of extra money. Paula Pimlott, a mum-of-one has revealed how she makes £4,000 every single month with her side hustle Paula started her side hustle in an attempt to bring in a bit of extra cash for her familyCredit: Paula Pimlott Paula rents out clothes in her wardrobe and is able to go on spa days and treat her friends to lunch with her newfound incomeCredit: Paula Pimlott Paula, 35, from Kendal, a market town in South Cumbria, is a full-time, stay-at-home-mum that makes thousands of pounds every single month with her savvy side hustle.

Paula and her husband James, have a CGI imagery business, Yarn Studio, and prior to having their child, James, 2, Paula was Art Director for the business.

But after giving birth to her son, Paula wanted a way that she could earn some money from her home and so started renting out items in her wardrobe on By Rotation – the world’s first social fashion rental app.

She told Fabulous: “I put all of my time into childcare and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next, but I wanted to do something else other than just being a mum. So I started renting clothes on By Rotation”.

Paula started her side hustle back in April 2022, after she decided to rent a bag online. Now, Paula rents out her wardrobe, sending up to twenty items a week, making £4,000 a month in sales.

She explained: “Last year, we went out for our first meal since giving birth. It was quite a special one as it was quite rare for us to go anywhere, so I wanted to wear something special, something different, so I started looking online and looking for where I could rent a bag.

“I didn’t know that there was a whole community out there in clothing rental as well so I was pleasantly surprised.

“I rented a few items out and then that made me pay attention to what is happening – I followed By Rotation on Instagram and it all seemed pretty exciting to me. I love fashion and thought I’d give it a go”.

Paula explained that she started out by posting a few dresses online and was left open-mouthed when people started renting them.

She added: “I put some Rixo dresses on my page and they did really well, so it gave me confidence that it was something that I could do and then it snowballed from there.

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“I started off renting items in my wardrobe and then I began buying things that I thought people would rent. I see it as a good form of investment.

“I do like well-made clothing but obviously you can go out and spend £300 on something but I wouldn’t want to just wear it once, so it gave me that incentive that I can invest in good quality clothing and get some money back on it as well.

“I don’t buy as much fast-fashion, I have quite a few items in my wardrobe now that are ‘Made In England’ and that feels good that I’m sharing that with others.

“I definitely see it as a good investment and it’s nice that I can add to the family budget with it”.

Paula sells a range of different items, with dresses and bags being the most popular.

She explained: “My most popular item would be dresses – they are the bread and butter, but bags also do well too.“The Cult Gaia Nala bag is very popular – that has been rented out so many times. I’ve got two of them now, it’s such a classic, it’s a beautiful, simple clutch that goes with so many outfits – that has been a great, great rental, I definitely made double what I bought it for.“Rixo dresses I have noticed, green ones in particular, do really well.“Most people rent items for weddings and occasions, sometimes birthdays.“The wedding season has been very busy and Rixo’s have been renting on repeat, it is a very popular brand.“Pink Rotate dresses are also a good one, puffy sleeves do very well as well.“The Vampire’s Wife dresses do really well – they are really expensive […]

source I make £4K a month renting out my clothes with my side hustle – I work three hours a day, anyone can do it

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