I make £4K a month renting out my clothes with my side hustle – I work three hours a day, anyone can do it

I make £4K a month renting out my clothes with my side hustle – I work three hours a day, anyone can do it

WITH the cost of living crisis putting a huge strain on many, it seems more and more people are turning to side hustles to bring in some extra cash.

We spoke to one woman, Paula Pimlott , a mum-of-one, who started renting out clothes in her wardrobe to earn a bit of extra money. Paula Pimlott, a mum-of-one has revealed how she makes £4,000 every month with her side hustle Credit: Paula Pimlott Paula started her side hustle in an attempt to bring in a bit of extra cash for her family Credit: Paula Pimlott Paula rents out clothes in her wardrobe and is able to go on spa days and treat her friends to lunch with her newfound income Credit: Paula Pimlott Paula, 35, from Kendal, a market town in South Cumbria, is a full-time, stay-at-home-mum that makes thousands of pounds every single month with her savvy side hustle .

Paula and her husband James, have a CGI imagery business, Yarn Studio, and prior to having their child, James, 2, Paula was Art Director for the business.

But after giving birth to her son, Paula wanted a way that she could earn some money from her home and so started renting out items in her wardrobe on By Rotation – the world’s first social fashion rental app.

She told Fabulous: “I put all of my time into childcare and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next, but I wanted to do something else other than just being a mum. So I started renting clothes on By Rotation”. Read more side hustle stories

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Paula started her side hustle back in April 2022, after she decided to rent a bag online. Now, Paula rents out her wardrobe, sending up to twenty items a week, making £4,000 a month in sales.

She explained: “Last year, we went out for our first meal since giving birth. It was quite a special one as it was quite rare for us to go anywhere, so I wanted to wear something special, something different, so I started looking online and looking for where I could rent a bag.

“I didn’t know that there was a whole community out there in clothing rental as well so I was pleasantly surprised.

“I rented a few items out and then that made me pay attention to what is happening – I followed By Rotation on Instagram and it all seemed pretty exciting to me. I love fashion and thought I’d give it a go”. Most read in Fabulous

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Paula explained that she started out by posting a few dresses online and was left open-mouthed when people started renting them.

She added: “I put some Rixo dresses on my page and they did really well, so it gave me confidence that it was something that I could do and then it snowballed from there.

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“I started off renting items in my wardrobe and then I began buying things that I thought people would rent. I see it as a good form of investment.“I do like well-made clothing but obviously you can go out and spend £300 on something but I wouldn’t want to just wear it once, so it gave me that incentive that I can invest in good quality clothing and get some money back on it as well.“I don’t buy as much fast-fashion, I have quite a few items in my wardrobe now that are ‘Made In England’ and that feels good that I’m sharing that with others.“I definitely see it as a good investment and it’s nice that I can add to the family budget with it”.Paula sells a range of different items, with dresses and bags being the most popular.She explained: “My most popular item would be dresses – they are the bread and butter, but […]

source I make £4K a month renting out my clothes with my side hustle – I work three hours a day, anyone can do it

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