Following a budget is a smart financial decision. If you stick to a budget, you may be less likely to land in debt, and you may have an easier time padding your savings account on a regular basis. But a budget isn’t something you can simply set and forget. Over time, your budget may need an overhaul. And that’s most likely the case if these three things apply to you. adjust budget

1. You’re saving less each month than you used to Many people establish savings goals that they try to stick to. If it used to be possible for you to meet your goals, but you’re suddenly struggling to do that,

then your budget probably needs a refresh. Maybe certain living expenses of yours have risen in recent months. Or maybe you’ve added expenses you thought you’d shed for good.

For example, you may be commuting to an office twice a week after having spent almost 18 months working remotely .

Look through your monthly expenses and try to figure out where that extra spending is stemming from. And then adjust your budget accordingly.

2. You’re racking up credit card charges you can’t pay off in time There’s nothing wrong […]

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