Job Bank in the driving seat

Job Bank in the driving seat


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Job Bank are leading the way in supporting individuals who want to become a home-based recruiter, inspired by an innovative platform where recruiters and employers connect to find talent.

Blackburn based Job Bank is a cloud computing company that enables individuals to become a home-based recruiter, building and transforming their business by finding talent for employers. Job Bank connect employers with a trusted network of trained recruiters with scope to focus and broaden their candidate search and find talent within the employer’s recruitment budget quickly and conveniently.

Expanding the world of a home-based recruitment business

Fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt are all raw feelings people experience when they consider the idea of starting their own business. It’s scary, there’s no doubt about that. There are disadvantages of running a self-start-up, mainly the lack of knowhow, which can prove time consuming and costly. According to Tide Bank, the average start-up spend in Year 1 is £23,756. On the other hand, franchises decrease the risk of failure with tried and tested models, but have limitations in relation to location, marketing, and even products. They can also prove to be expensive, as they are often tied in with long term contracts. Finally, Multi-Level Marketing Schemes initially are more affordable but unsustainable, as they have a high rate of failure due to the shift in focus from selling a product, to recruiting new people.

Job Bank are purposefully proving a model, which is rewarding, flexible and affordable, with no long-term contracts. We provide a productive platform where individuals can develop their own recruitment business with a website, recruitment CRM, virtual classroom, online learning, messenger, and ongoing mentoring. More importantly, the platform offers contracted job leads to employers which are automated and advertised on each recruiter’s website, providing an opportunity to learn and earn from day 1. The recruitment CRM includes an Applicant Tracking System which identifies further guidance and support on each job advert from the employer, in order to find the right candidate.

Job Bank has had key feature successes within the platform such as the Leads Centre and Messenger and maintains a strong focus in actively listening to our recruiters and experts within the recruitment industry. We are constantly reviewing and evolving our services, in accordance with feedback and needs, ensuring our recruiters and employers receive a stellar service. Job Bank present an affordable and unique opportunity in a £35 billion market for individuals to find out if being a recruitment consultant is for them. The way we work in the UK is evolving and more people have second jobs or “side hustles” than ever before. As we move away from the traditional 9 to 5, the side hustle has gotten more attention. 64% of the UK workforce want to set up a business. 83% of 18 – 24-year-olds dream of self-employment. 25% of UK adults have a second income. Finally, new research from Simply Business reveals that over one third of people in the UK now run their own side hustle, with some savvy entrepreneurs expecting to make over £5,000 a year in additional income. Job Bank has a mission to provide a rewarding, flexible and economic business opportunity within recruitment, inspired by an innovative platform to upskill recruitment entrepreneurs.

Boosting how recruiters and employers connect to find talent

Recruitment can be a strenuous task for employers, particularly when it comes to the time and money that is invested. It is not limited to filling a position, it is also about finding the right person, someone who fits the organisational culture, and who is also prepared to grow with the business. Staffing costs will be one of the largest overheads for many companies that employ staff, and it is fair to say that talent is the driver to how a company performs and grows. Therefore, gaining the right talent to assist with growth is critical.

The 2 common approaches by employers to recruit staff are hiring recruitment agencies and advertising on job boards. As a recent study highlights, the fees paid to a traditional recruitment agency such as Hays and Robert Walters, are typically a percentage of an annual salary. On average, that percentage could be anywhere between 20% – 30% depending on the level of complexity of the hire, volume, and relationship with the agency. Recruitment agencies can be expensive; however, these costs are mitigated by the high costs of advertising, marketing, and headhunting, which can be in the hundreds of thousands […]

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