Leading psychic and astrologer reveal their 2022 predictions and what’s in store for YOUR star sign

A psychic and an astrologer have revealed their predictions for 2022 – and if they’re correct we will enjoy an ‘easier’ New Year but some challenging periods as the months go on.

Intuitive astrologer, Rose Smith , believes the stars hold clues for the year and says she sees a change of pace in the world, and the ability to move forward from the pandemic as a collective.

Psychic, Athina Bailey , believes Covid restrictions will be eased over summer but will reappear later in the year, with tensions beginning to rise in June before overflowing in October. ‘There’s finally a sense of moving forward again and society regaining some order,’ Rose said.

‘It’s important to remember that all things change, and nothing lasts forever, so it’s a great year for reassessing the direction of your life and your relationships.’

She said those who pay attention will ‘feel the shift in energy’ away from the stress of the last two years.

‘Perhaps you may change jobs this year, you could be called to do something that’s more of a vocation, something that makes your heart sing. Life becomes more interesting and exciting,’ Rose said.

‘There are many opportunities for advancement. Positive signs and portents point us in the direction of growth and development so keep your eyes peeled.’ What are Rose’s predictions for your star sign?

Aries (March 21 to April 19):

Career: Your year starts with your ruler Mars pushing you forward to expand through foreign connections, study or a job change.

Love life: The year begins with Venus retrograde so it’s a quieter time when you go within and become more self-reflective about your relationships. March and the second half of the year are the most passionate times when the beauty of Venus and Neptune shine on you.

Social life: You may help others out this year more than usual. Jupiter is asking you to focus on spiritual matters and look within rather than gallivant too much about town. Watch for weight gain.

Money: The push for expansion through your ruler Mars is hugely impactful in terms of money and shared resources. There are unpredictable elements at work with your finances but May to October sees mighty Jupiter blessing you with more abundance and changes in your core beliefs and identity.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20):

Career: Some delays or restrictions are likely to be felt, but these will ease in the second half of this year. You may feel more detached from your current work or those who work with you. Still, you’re likely to be quite conscientious so don’t be hard on yourself. It may be time to consider another situation.

Love life: Beginning 2022, your ruler Venus is encouraging you to look to other countries regarding romance or friendships. She is however retrograde, so delays are possible. Be extra careful here. May brings a re-evaluation of intimacy.

Social life: You’re likely to be quite the social butterfly and new friends and groups enter your life this year. You attract significant opportunities to expand your life through important contacts.

Money: Your ruler Venus is pushing you to look overseas for financial opportunities which may be transformational. But there may be delays or hiccups in January so do be cautious with money. March to October sees financial changes, most of which are favourable.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20):

Career: Big expansive changes are expected in your important business partnerships and career zone. Take care of your health and wellbeing and try to avoid stress. Somehow spirituality or fantasy enters the workplace, be careful of delusions and illusions. But a bit of self-reflection is a good thing.Love life: Intimacy takes on new meaning. Hidden things are revealed especially in January when things can rapidly change on the love front. Most of the year is passionate. There’s change coming in your important personal partnerships.Social life: Healing important connections, old friendships or group situations is on the cards this year. If you’re not sure about someone or a group of people, it’s time to listen to your intuition and move on. Take time out to respect and heal yourself.Money: Expansion in your career zone can bring you extra money. There’s also a lot of activity regarding shared resources and you gain tons of insight here. Watch for illusion and delusion in your career as Neptune sometimes takes us off with the fairies but spirituality can positively help you.Cancer (June 21 to July 22):Career: Your ruler the Moon is dabbling in your everyday work, routine or health commencing the year bringing up emotion but […]

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