LunaRedClassic: A seamless way for investing and managing NFTs

LunaRedClassic: A seamless way for investing and managing NFTs

The rising trends of cryptocurrencies have been phenomenal. According to estimates, in 2021, Bitcoin reached a new all-time high price, attracting people from all around the globe to invest in crypto assets. After leaving such a positive impact on the broader industry, many limitations are acting as bottlenecks in the space.

Many wallet products are finding difficulties in providing a clear and easy way to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin. The puzzling user flow is also discouraging investors and preventing them from investing.

Additionally, numerous top players are preventing creators from including NFTs or hiding algorithms for the auction. Another major problem hindering the growth of the space is the launch of NFT markets on the Ethereum network where the average fee is about $50.

All this creates an atmosphere impossible for mass market sales for an NFT price of $5 to $10, having great sales opportunity. LunaRedClassic aims to solve this issue in the crypto space. It’s a platform helping users find a seamless way of investing and managing their NFTs.

There is an ongoing IDO pre-sale on the LunaRedClassic platform which brings in a lot of opportunities for token holders at a feasible rate (1 LRC=0.025 USD). The article below provides insights into the LRC token, and its functionalities and delivers readers with all the necessary pieces of information for investors looking forward to being a part of the IDO pre-sale.

What is LunaRedClassic?

LunaRedClassic is an all-in-one mobile app allowing users to download crypto wallets, buy crypto, connect their wallets, buy/sell NFTs and do a lot more in just a few clicks. LunaRedClassic NFT is a smart contract application having an iOS, Android, and web user interface.

It is an easy step-by-step guided solution for buying, selling, and smart-contract based auctioning for NFTs. The main basic smart contracts are based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and have an Ethereum bridge for NFT assets.

In the present scenario, there isn’t any open marketplace for creators/sellers providing existing solutions for BSC. Resulting in users facing difficulties in selling their own/ purchased NFTs from third parties with transparent auction-based smart contracts.

With the LunaRedClassic market, users can simply list, buy or sell their NFTs without high Ethereum fees and with the same property value in Ethereum.

The working model

LunaRedClassic provides the first front-end solution by providing a web and mobile UI application where investors can buy NFTs with BNB/BUSD. There are two types of purchases: auctions and direct sales. After making a purchase, investors can easily keep their purchases or open their auctions to sell.

According to the Market Report, in just three months, OpenSea saw its cumulative sales rise to over $100 million and a total of $432 million. The platform aims to draw in more than $40 million in monthly sales, with a modest 10% market share. The team also looks forward to developing an Ethereum smart contract, where consumers can lock NFT assets and get a copy minted in BSC.

From then on, they can trade it on the LunaRedClassic marketplace, paying minimal commissions. Additionally, users on request, at any time, can return assets to the BSC smart contract and receive assets locked in Ethereum.

$LRC token and its functionality

LRC token is the native token of the platform designed for creators and investors who will use the app and invest in LunaRedClassic. Each investor, who uses the application for a long time, will have a portion of LRC, which can be used later to: Vote on governance proposals

Sell to third parties

Reduce commissions

Add value for investment rewards The LRC token comes with passive yield mechanics that do not stem from transfer taxes. Instead, it comes from supply expansion from new buy orders (which represent organic demand for the token). As a LunaRedClassic holder, users can passively earn more tokens for every new buy order placed for $LRC.The rewards earned by users are instantly “delivered” into their wallets after each new buy, with zero tax while buying or transferring between wallets. Each auction creator will require a minimum balance of 40 LRC which can be decreased/increased per team, in the wallet to create an NFT auction.All of these results in creators buying LRC and help investors increase their investment amount. In the future, investors can add money to the pool, while the managers can also use the investment to purchase potential NFTs at auction and then sell them at a profit. The IDO pre-sale The LRC IDO (Initial Dex Offerings) pre-sale is currently going on and will last till 31 August 2022. […]

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