Mcity Launched as a SocialFi Project Bringing Metaverse into Life

Mcity Launched as a SocialFi Project Bringing Metaverse into Life

MCity, a socialFi metaverse project developed on BNB chain and polygon has been launched to bring metaverse into life and vice versa

Singapore, Singapore , July 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MCity, a socialFi metaverse project developed on BNB chain and polygon has been launched to bring metaverse into life and vice versa. MCity was created to break down geographical barriers and bring people from all over the world closer together in a place where they can be anyone, go anywhere, and meet anyone. Aside from the nature of the social connection, MCity also has a sustainable financial system that allows both players and investors to participate and receive valuable values by participating in activities or investing in MCity.

MCity is pioneering the application of metaverse technology by incorporating a visual perspective via a virtual reality (VR) platform, to help players enhance the experience and enjoy surreal emotions when participating in-game activities.

In other GameFi projects users can only earn from just playing the game, staking the Token, and selling NFT items, MCity offers them more: from lending NFT, to earn from joining social activities, Create-to-Earn, Advertisements,…

MCity is an independent society with different metaverse modules

Real Estate: In MCity, users can own a Land and build their own House. House and land owners will be the VIP citizens and have great benefits while experiencing the whole new Metaverse world of M-City!

Make Earnings: Chatting, playing, dating, running a business… Whatever, users can earn cryptocurrency while having fun! It’s great to have fun, but what about starting their own business, earning money, and even having fun while playing a game? Also, Players are encouraged and required to collaborate with other players in order to complete certain game objectives.

Virtual tour & estates: Traveling and visiting other countries or cities around the world via a VR device does not appear to be a bad idea. For the most realistic experience, MCity features a real-world real estate model into the virtual world.

Entertainment: Various of emotes, dances; voice chat, video chat and much more to relax – players can also join in more in-game life activities as well as they exist in the real one!

Game-in-game: While playing MCity, try out some of the minigames. While playing the games, players can also earn valuable rewards that they can use to buy items or participate in other activities around the town!

Fashion: Character creation phase allows players to create their own and unique style of character with details and customization. The game has a wide range of fashions: even real-life costumes can be imported into the world.

MCity Business Model

Users in MCity are divided into 3 categories: Land investor (VIP resident), Player, Brand.

● 6000 land investors are shareholders and enjoy many benefits. The profits from many activities in MCity will be added to the Reward Pool. 40% of this amount will be shared with land investors, the rest will be reinvested into the system.

● Player: users buy Tokens to participate in in-game activities: they can play for free different games or using their tokens, buy and sell e-Commerce, Travel, etc.

● Brand: supports Travel and e-Commerce services through Advertising

The core team Backers


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