Money Advice From a Teen Who Opened a Retirement Account at 14 and Wrote a Book at 16

Money Advice From a Teen Who Opened a Retirement Account at 14 and Wrote a Book at 16

Gen Z personal finance expert Ella Gupta started investing at 10, opened a retirement account at 14 and wrote her book, “Gen Z Money $ense: A Personal Finance and Investing Guide,” at 16. Now, Gupta is on a mission to educate other members of Gen Z about money and […]

How can kids and teens invest for long-term success?

we are presenting money advice from a teen.Kids and teens should begin investing early for long-term success. Consider investing in index funds. These may seem rather vanilla, but boring is often best when it comes to investing. Consider complementing low-cost index funds with fractional shares — fractions or pieces of whole stocks and funds. Fractional shares are a great way for teens to get their feet wet in the world of investing without a large sum of money. Greenlight’s investing platform allows kids and teens to invest as little as $1, so you can start small and build as your confidence grows without taking any huge risks.

What are some good sources for investment advice? Can young investors trust the advice they see on TikTok?

TikTok is attractive to many young people because it conveys information in short, digestible sound bites and can make complicated topics seem less daunting. The problem is that it can be hard to identify misinformation and resist trendy stock tips. money advice from a teen in tin toe generation.Many influencers don’t always give unbiased information that is in your best interest — be aware that they have their own interests. Young investors need to do their own due diligence. Research who you are getting your advice from and verify the information they give. Personal finance is personal. You need more than quick sound bites to make informed decisions.

With that said, you can find some trustworthy sources on social media. For example, Greenlight recently launched an educational video series created for teens, by teens called #NowYouKnow that covers personal finance basics on YouTube and TikTok. Personal finance books can also be a great resource. I recently published a book called “Gen Z Money $ense” that gives a comprehensive introduction to the world of personal finance and investing while presenting topics in a fun, accessible manner.

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