Niners Guild is the Philippines’ Newest NFT Gaming Community

Oqulo, a Singapore-based tech software development company that employs top software developers from the Philippines, is announcing today the launch of Niners Guild — a new esports organization that aims to bring wealth creation to the masses.

Philippines (PRWEB) June 29, 2022

Oqulo, a Singapore-based tech software development company that employs top software developers from the Philippines, is announcing today the launch of Niners Guild — a new esports organization based in the Philippines. This GameFi community is designed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that creates opportunities around play-to-earn games.
With Niners Guild, players can be part of an ecosystem focused on blockchain-based gaming, sharing in-game strategies and assets with other members to maximize yields. Top players can also look forward to earning additional incentives and rewards for performing exceptionally.
The launch of Niners Guild comes during an opportune time as more and more Filipinos explore new ways to earn a living.
In December 2021, the Philippines’ unemployment rate increased to 6.6% , translating to over 3.27 million unemployed Filipinos. Having new and innovative avenues to supplement income – like play-to-earn gaming – is certainly welcome, especially in a country amidst a global pandemic with currently over 26 million living below the poverty line .
With play-to-earn gamers potentially earning as much as PHP 6,000 or around $115 USD per day, it’s easy to see why the Philippines is #1 in NFT ownership out of 20 countries .
Niners Guild seeks to cultivate a winning culture amongst players competing in popular play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Illuvium, Defi Kingdoms, The Sandbox, and Gods Unchained, among others.
Tiger Bitanga , CVO and co-founder of Niners Guild, says their team has already been passionate about web3 and its capabilities even as NFT games were just starting to emerge in the country.
“Before Axie Infinity became mainstream in the Philippines, we have been actively playing blockchain games as well as privately investing in crypto and other virtual assets. Forming Niners Guild helps us realize our mission of ‘bringing wealth creation to the masses’. It’s a huge step forward towards bringing millions of players in Asia into the web3 space using blockchain gaming.”
For CEO and co-founder Bernd Rennebeck , the Niners Scholarship Program serves as a vital component in achieving that goal.
“Our roadmap includes building top-performing esports teams across all major blockchain games. Through our Niners Scholarship Program, we are bringing the best gamers and game partners into our ecosystem. And after we’ve secured our Series A funding, we’re projecting growth of 23,000 scholars by the end of 2023.”
Bitanga believes the strength of the Niners Guild comes from its portfolio of companies.
“Niners Guild is backed by the VS12 Group of Companies . We’re part of a larger venture studio of interweaved firms in software development, digital marketing, and shared services. Each one helps contribute to the success of our DAO, and rapidly forming and supporting a community of gamers.”
Part of the Niners Guild ecosystem is an in-house development team that is currently building a proprietary gaming platform for their players through .
In addition, the Niners Guild DAO is being built around its own $BNTA token through . This gives the DAO utility and additional value through inventive ways to ensure all contributors to the DAO are incentivized.
The $BNTA token unlocks three categories: Governance – Owning even a single $BNTA token allows the holder to weigh in on the future of the DAO.

P2E index – The Niners Guild consists of multiple subDAOs generating ROI for the main DAO.

Staking and other rewards – After deploying the $BNTA token, there are opportunities to stake your tokens with a substantial amount of rewards.

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Oqulo Pte Ltd. is a Singapore-based company that specializes in deploying global technology products. A spin-off of tech incubator August 99, Oqulo has released several projects and services, including Knox, Access, QSpace, QTime, and Real, since it was founded in 2019.
Niners Guild is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and GameFi community—comprising blockchain gamers, developers, traders, investors and industry partners. Its ecosystem includes Niners Guild (gaming guild), Bentacoin (token), Metaplay League (platform) and Knox Metaverse (servicing group). Niners Guild is founded by […]

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