RAIR TECH Debuts its First Secure NFT for Blockchain Investor Conference CoinAgenda Global

The NFTs feature a unique digital art image paying tribute to each conference location allowing the owner to unlock exclusive access to replays of recorded conference content from the three-day event. As more events balance in-person and virtual attendance, this collaboration highlights how instrumental NFTs can be for the future of digital rights management of events before, during and after they’ve taken place.

“We’ve all been enthralled with the explosive success of the NFT market and RAIR TECH aims to truly harness that power by tackling the most important piece – ownership and rights management,” said Ed Prado, CEO of RAIR TECH.“In order for NFTs to sustain growth, we must explore more viable use cases and this partnership with CoinAgenda showcases how NFTs can be useful for post-conference milestone collectibles and exclusive content.”

RAIR TECH is a blockchain-based digital rights management platform that uses NFTs to gate access to streaming content. RAIR TECH’S decentralized key management node system empowers anyone to create unique, controllable, and transferable digital assets tied to the actual underlying content. RAIR TECH allows users to distribute content with programmatic logic they can customize in a smart contract and monetize through royalty streams they control, enabling creators to self-manage their ownership rights.

“Although we’re seeing more events use NFT ticketing, it’s been very black and white,” said Michael Terpin, Founder of CoinAgenda.“We’re using NFTs with Beeple-like technology that are visually unique. RAIR’s NFTs also allow CoinAgenda attendees and secondary market purchasers to have exclusive playback of the entire conference, which won’t be available anywhere else.”

CoinAgenda Europe was the ideal kick-off event to showcase RAIR TECH’S technology as the event focused on the future of cryptocurrency, NFTs, blockchain and quantum technologies, decentralized finance (DeFi), fintech, privacy, scaling solutions, token economics, payment and infrastructure platforms, Web 3.0, and legal and regulatory issues in blockchain investing.

“Since 2014, CoinAgenda has been the go-toevent to break new blockchain technology and highlight innovative projects,” said Erika Zapanta, Global Events Director of CoinAgenda.“We are excited to have NFTs as goodie bags this year and enjoyed working with RAIR TECH to showcase how utility, monetization and rights management will define the future of the NFT space.”

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ABOUT RAIR TECH RAIR TECH ( is a blockchain-based digital rights management platform that provides universal middleware encryption to enable digital scarcity. RAIR powers direct content sharing and redistribution of any type of media, making it easy for creators to connect with their audiences and sell materials in a way that is secure, trackable, and profitable. RAIR uses a decentralized key management node system to allow anyone to create transferable digital assets that are tied to the actual underlying content. With RAIR, creators can turn any type of media into an encrypted, access-controlled file that is accessible on any type of browser, making any digital file scarce and therefore valuable. This ensures that all content is attributed to its creator, introducing a system where people can be fairly compensated for their work.

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ABOUT COINAGENDA Now in its eighth year, CoinAgenda is the leading global conference series connecting professional investors, traders, family offices and digital currency funds with top entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. CoinAgenda Global focuses on international blockchain investing trends, with world-class speakers from around the globe, plus a special focus on blockchain economic development, friendly jurisdictions, the rise of security tokens, enterprise applications, and changes in digital currency funding vehicles and digital currency exchanges. CoinAgenda is an experience that allows all attendees to meet, mingle, and get to know the leading thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in the sector, including memorable parties at unique locations.

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