Seven NFT Tools To Trade NFTs Better

Seven NFT Tools To Trade NFTs Better

The currently booming NFT market is saturated with different types of NFTs from different creators. This has created a lot of problems for NFT collectors as they get confused about picking the right NFTs to invest in. In solving this problem of choosing the right NFT to buy, several tools have been created to help potential NFT collectors trade the best NFTs.
This article seeks to examine 7 NFT tools that will guide users to select the best NFTs.

Generally, one of the important criteria to consider before buying an NFT is its rarity. The best NFTs are always rare and wanted by almost all NFT collectors. This high demand for a limited supply drives their price up. To know the rarity of an NFT, rarity.tool does this seamlessly.
On , collectors can filter NFTs by their volume in ETH, their average price, and the number of collections available on the market. Top NFTs such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club can be found and analyzed there.
Each collection has its page that provides all the necessary information about the collection. It gives details on the NFTs in the collection and the clear attributes of that particular asset. Rarity has the additional feature of giving each NFT a rarity score. is free to use for collectors. But for creators, a listing fee of 2 ether is demanded. CryptoSlam

This is another top-ranked NFT tool for analyzing the NFT market. This simple yet powerful platform analyzes and filters NFT collections by their trading volume, network and sales. Each NFT collection has its page that informs the collector in detail about its live sales, marketplace, and mints. Every necessary information needed about a particular NFT collection is on the page. Additional information such as price, special attributes, and rarity rankings are included on the page.
Cryptoslam provides an all-time ranking for all NFT collections which makes it easy for these NFTs to be discovered. is an NFT tool that analyzes and sorts them based on their trendiness. The first thing that would be seen on the platform is ‘trending collections’ from the last day. This can be filtered and streamlined to a specific time frame.
After listing the top trending NFT collections, other important details about the NFT such as the floor price, average price, volume, and sales are also provided.
On the platform, additional information such as top minted projects and the wallet address of top buyers and sellers are provided. For premium accounts, other exclusive services are provided. One of those is trading history for each wallet address listed under buyer and seller. Traitsniper

Traitsniper is a platform designed to target upcoming NFT collections and analyze them. In analyzing them, traitsniper provides information on the rarity status of the NFT to the collector. The Traitsniper bot analyzes the metadata of NFTs and presents to collectors the investment potential according to the already presented rarity score.
Traitsniper is a free-to-use platform although it has its premium version but exclusive services. One of the services is the prompt notification of subscribed users about newly released collections and their rarity score. For the premium version, a total of 0.15 ETH is to be paid weekly and a total of 0.5 Eth monthly. Read Also:

NFT Stats

NFT stats is another insightful NFT tool. It provides users with the basic information needed about NFT collections. Its NFT rankings include new collections, trending collections, the top collections in the last 30 days, number of sales and total volume.
NFT stats also provides a quick overview of the top NFT collections that have been sold in the last 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days. It also includes the price that they were sold at.
Each collection page has in it details of recently sold NFTs and price charts for the last three months from the date of check. Dappradar

On dappradar , users can analyze and track different existing NFT collections and discover upcoming projects. In addition to these, it possesses a portfolio tracker that monitors previously acquired assets.
As an analytical tool, it uses a couple of parameters to sort and categorize NFTs. These parameters are prices, market capitalization, and liquidity of the NFTs. Dappradar also provides in detail the real-time price changes in the market, trading volume with the top sales, top collections, new project guides, and the marketplaces to buy these NFTs.
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