Small Business Saturday expands into the weekend this year. Here's what's planned

Small Business Saturday expands into the weekend this year. Here’s what’s planned

Many of metro Detroit’s entrepreneurs have plans to expand Small Business Saturday throughout the full weekend this year.

Offerings include a pop-up shop at the Hustle Flow Lab gym in Detroit, or maybe you’d like to watch a celebrity promotional video created by Google. A guide is available, too, to find small businesses to support and learn about investing in Black-owned businesses.

LawnStarter, which has a small business blog and tracks statistics, reported that 56% of small businesses believe that Saturday will be more important this year than ever. The blog also reported that 78% of small businesses believe profits from the season will keep their businesses running through 2022.

During the pandemic, small businesses in Michigan faced temporary or permanent closure and some business owners say the hardships are still present.

Understanding those hardships, many metro Detroit organizations are set to make sure that the support of small businesses occurs in full force this year.

Several initiatives are taking place.

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation and Detroit Means Business have created a list of businesses that are planning holiday specials and a list of in-person events taking place around the city. There will be a bingo competition in collaboration with the Downtown Detroit Partnership to win a Spirit Card, which is a gift card to a local small business, and a push to use the #ShopSmallDetroit hashtag on social media.

“We understand that businesses are still trying to recover from COVID-19,” said Lashawna Manigault, director of small business attraction and retention at the DEGC. “There was a lot of lost revenue during that time. There were grants and things that came out. Some of the larger grants — a lot of the business unfortunately weren’t awarded some of those grants, so we’ve tried to create a lot of opportunities in support of small businesses and we have not taken our foot off the gas in making sure we continue to infuse money into the businesses.”

Each of Detroit’s seven districts will host a Small Business Saturday event, where you can get free drinks and pastries, pick up breakfast and do some shopping. The list of events can be found at . The DEGC also gave out holiday corridor activation grants for small businesses who are working together Saturday to decorate during the season. Over 100 businesses applied; 19 received grants.

Also, the Peacock Room is planning to host a weekend sale from Friday to Sunday at its 3011 W. Grand Blvd. location in Detroit’s Fisher Building.

And the Birmingham Shopping District plans to have events Saturday for people of all ages, with free parking all day, a Santa walk, free hot chocolate, carriage rides and a scavenger hunt. The city also released a 2021 holiday gift guide for its businesses.

Here are other events happening in metro Detroit during the Small Business Saturday weekend: Pop-up shop will support local gym

The holiday season often brings people together for gatherings, and three business owners wanted to make that happen in one space while giving back to another small business — Hustle Flow Lab in Detroit.

To help out, the businesses will host a collaborative pop-up shop Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. at the gym at 10829 E. Jefferson Ave. in Detroit.

Lindsay Holder, 32, opened Hustle Flow Lab in October 2020 and offers one-on-one and group training, yoga classes, mindset and nutrition coaching and events.

She has transformed the lives of the three entrepreneurs so much, they said, that they feel it’s only right to give back to her. A portion of proceeds made by the three businesses during this pop-up shop will be donated to the gym.

One reason the business owners wanted to help out is because the number of clients at the gym decreases in the winter, said Ja’Nye Hampton, 22, owner of Detroit Flower Company , a customizable flower shop.

“The common denominator for us all,” said Hampton, “is to help Lindsay out and just link up together and do something different,” Hampton said. “I make it my business to collaborate with anybody and give as much as I can to anybody. This all came about because of other people, so I’m just giving back.”

Ty Davis, 28, founder and CEO of Dare to be /Yer’self/ , a clothing and accessories brand that encourages people to be themselves, is another business taking part in the pop-up shop.“No matter what area in life you’re in, you always have to depend on others to help build and grow you up,” said Davis.The third business in the collaboration is Bare by Shanna […]

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