Smash Coin Establishes a World Connecting Supercars, Street Food, and Defi Sectors

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Ullo, Hungary, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The amalgamation of sectors together is a masterstroke of many companies. This mingling together brings forth the investors of each sector and creates an influx of capitalists for the newly birthed company. Companies that employ such ingenious ideas are bound to flourish. Smash Coin is one pre-eminent company that brings together supercars and street food together with the Ethereum Blockchain. The firm is a sister company of the Smash Brand and an accomplished team manages its progress efficiently. The team comprises Kocsis Gergo, the owner and CEO, 3 great Hungarian influencers, and 2 marketing managers.

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An Intro to Smash Coin

Searching for the brand Smash would just lead to results related to Smash restaurant. However, Smash is not just limited to a restaurant. It is a Brand, a community, and a platform offering a wide array of unlimited opportunities. Smash’s entry into the crypto industry has revolutionized the food and supercar industry. The prime focus of this ultimate company is to bridge together supercars and street foods with the Ethereum Blockchain. The firm organizes weekly and monthly events where supercar owners and the community come together and enjoy scrumptious street food. Smash Coin is the first-ever crypto project and the firm is optimistic that it will reach new heights.

Smash Crypto Coin

Smash Coin, the official currency of Smash Brand is accepted as a form of payment at all Smash restaurant branches. Users can get advantage of holding the token by enjoying incentives like automatic reflections, amazing discounts at all Smash restaurants, VIP access to Cars and Burger events, and a unique chance of winning the SMASHPOT every 3 to 5 months. Entry into the SMASHPOT is quite straightforward. An effective manual deflationary burn system is employed by the firm to allow entry to participate in the SMASHPOT. This burn system ameliorates the token demand thereby aiding in keeping the token price afloat and rising.

Burn-to-Earn Raffle

Every 3 to 5 months, the firm organizes SMASHPOT, a burn to earn raffle. Here, users have to burn an insubstantial amount of the Smash Coin to acquire the entry ticket for the competition. The burned amount will be instantly removed from circulation, helping to elevate the coin value. The winner of the raffle gets the Smash car as a reward. The company plans on organizing the first raffle in May amidst a live event at one of its esteemed restaurants. The raffle will be broadcasted live on one of the company’s social media platforms. The tickets to the first raffles have already been sold before the launch of Smash Coin.

Thriving Tokenomics and a Revolutionary Roadmap

The company’s innovative Tokenomics helps keep it afloat and running. The tax on each sell transaction is 10%, whereas there is no tax on buy transactions.

The taxation on sell transactions is divided in the following ways: 1% of every transaction is allocated to reflections. This amount is collected and redistributed to general users.

2% of each transaction is converted into a liquidity pair.

Funds for marketing purposes are obtained from the 6% tax that is collected from each transaction.

For sustainability of the token price, 1% of each transaction is burnt.

Smash Coin has provided a private sale of 40 Ethereum, 20% of which was released at launch. The remaining amount is released at regular intervals of 5 days at a rate of 20%.

Contract Address: 0x0E58b6db3aA6314B8Ee275dceae9b25D9734b312

Every objective is well thought on before including it on the company’s roadmap. It is divided into 4 phases, starting with the website launch, the start of private sale, whitepaper creation, and 1st live car raffle event. Phase 2 consists of listing on CoinMarketCap $SMASH launch and the debut of the SMASHMOT. Major events of the third phase include the opening of a 2nd restaurant, second live car raffle, first CEX listing, and introduction of the SMASH NFT collection.About Smash CoinSmash Coin aspires to unite together the worlds of Defi, supercar fanatics, and foodies. The firm has achieved new heights, by laying down the foundations of new restaurants. In the long run, Smash Coin company […]

source Smash Coin Establishes a World Connecting Supercars, Street Food, and Defi Sectors

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