Solberg launches a Token on Solana Blockchain – Sale is live

NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solberg’s purpose is to empower anyone to access decentralized finance (DeFi) and quickly transition to the Solana blockchain with minimal effort. Solberg strives to make investing in the future of decentralized finance easy and accessible to everyone.

Solberg decided to use its demonstrate all of the advantages of combining DeFi and the Solana Platform. Solberg’s goal is to create fully-functional staking and trading ecosystem that also supports the NFT marketplace.

Decentralizing finance, on-chain governance, and NFTs are about creating equal opportunities for large institutions and funds as well as ordinary people, builders, and creators. Solberg wants to make the forefront of the biggest positive disruption of DeFi and is happy to travel this road with all of investors.

Have a look at the Solberg roadmap. It will help investors to know what they can expect out of this exchange, being an end-user: September 4. 2021 – Solberg conducted a comprehensive market search and discover the best innovation to introduce in the crypto community.

September 24. 2021 – Solberg started the process of developing official website and DEX implementation.

October 9. 2021 – Solberg released the token to the market alongside own hosted Serum DEX.

Q4 2021 – The Solberg team is putting their efforts into implementing swapping features to cover all the SPL tokens out there.

In Development – Solberg wants to bring community an enhanced way of increasing their passive income with the best APY on the market.

In Development – Solberg will introduce an innovative solution in which $SLB holders will be able to use NFTs to boost holders APY returns when staking.

In Development – Solberg wants to attract more people to the ecosystem by building a valid business entity and letting them join Solberg’s platform by using Master and VISA cards.


A token swap has two distinct definitions withing the crypto circle. The first definition, and the one Solberg will be focusing on, connotes the process of instantaneously exchanging one cryptocurrency to another without having to first undertake a crypto-to-fiat exchange.

Rather than undergoing time consuming and costly process of exchanging trading pairs and being subject to high transaction cost, as investors would have to pay transaction fees more than once. Additionally, volatility may spike up the price of desired crypto trading pair, so it would be almost impossible to get desired price entry.

In light of these said drawbacks, exchanges, wallets and other platforms started enabling instant swap functionalities.

With this feature, users can exchange a crypto asset for another directly. All investors need to do is enter the amount which want to exchange and desired trading pair and the token swap service would instantly process and convert holders coin. With this form of transacting, holders will only have to pay transaction fees once.

How to Buy SLB Tokens?

To get started with this process make sure buyers have at least 0.1 SOL in their Coin98, Phantom or Sollet wallet, and that buyers have USDT on the wallet as well.

If buyers don’t have USDT on their wallet, Solberg recommend using Binance exchange to buy USDT and transfer it to own wallet, as the Binance exchange accepts FIAT deposits.

To initiate the swap, first go to Raydium Swap and connect the wallet using a button in the top right.Choose a wallet buyer’s previously set up and enter the amount of swap and choose swap direction (SLB to USDT or USDT to SLB) and click on the Swap button.After buyer initiate the swap, buyer need to confirm the transaction from their wallet. How To Get A Wallet And Which Wallet Should I Use? The Solberg team is actively working on getting listed on all the wallets possible, so all of the users can use their own wallet, without the hassle of transferring their funds on a different wallet or platform in order to get SLB tokens.Solberg team currently provides supports on these wallets: Coin98, Phantom, Sollet.ioSolberg have three comprehensive guides on official websites where buyers have a step-by-step guide on how to set up the wallet to buy $SLB tokens.The guide for coin98 wallet find here , for phantom here , and for here . Conclusive Remarks: Decentralized finance, on-chain governance, and NFTs are about creating equal opportunities for large institutions and funds, as well as ordinary people.Currently, most of the world is watching their salaries, savings, or any form of traditional money slip away in a world dominated by inflationary pressures. But all of that can […]

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